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My Vision Of The World

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My Movies and Games Reviews

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Our Self Improvement

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2017/11/28 – I played Star Wars Battlefront 2 mainly for curiosity since I am not a fan of most movies but the game looked promising. Among all the hype of bad reviews, I am starting to think many people follow the bandwagon instead of thinking for themselves and actually try the game.

2017/11/27 – I saw Justice League finally!!  \o/   I enjoyed the movie, it really felt like a superhero film. Not without a few details that could me a little better, but it is a nice moment for movie goers, not sure I can say the same for fan expectations.

2017/11/25 – My passion for the Universe never stops and I was very excited with the latest findings near our solar system.  Ross 128b – A Nearby Earth-Sized World is a fast news catch-up on the state of planet finding.

2017/11/23 – I have been dwelling on this reality thing being an illusion, not the one many think it is, but one made up by our own senses inside our brain. Check out the article, “If Reality Is An Illusion… There Are No Aliens”. I doubt we will ever find aliens if this is the case.

2017/11/22 – Call of Duty WWII got reviewed, despite the feeling of repetition it was a good game.

2017/11/20 – Thor Ragnarok was a cool movie, the review will tell I was a bit lost on the serious/fun action balance it provides.

Intel and AMD surprised (almost) everyone by announcing they will work together on graphics for their mobile devices. A win-win deal for bot companies in the end.

2017/11/13 – The game Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus got reviewed after I got some time around it. It is a wonderful game. Check it out.

I was surprised by seeing Nvidia releasing another card to the mainstream / upper market, made me dwell a bit to find out what is going on here.

2017/10/23 – I finally ended my Blade Runner 2049 Movie Review, was expecting my bias towards this sci-fi movie could settle down for a clear analysis.

Amarillyan Episode 1 Part 1 – Intromission, shows how everything started, I hope you love my novel. Have fun!  🙂

2017/10/19 – Intel Coffee Lake is the latest line of Intel processors, a rushed release that just mirrors their Fear of Competition from AMD.

The Utopia of Self Entitlement is a random rant about the self-employed people I find without any rules whatsoever about their future and recognition of who they answer to.

2017/10/15 – The sequel to the amazing Kingsman: Secret Service come by the name of The Golden Circle. I actually enjoyed the movie, not with some negative details that I share in the review.

2017/10/08 – As a fan of most sci-fi movies I had to review the Star Trek: Discovery series. Debuting on CBS a few days ago. It was beautiful.

2017/09/29 – Druadan Forest has an amazing album that just came out. Fans of the style will really have a great time listening to this. Check out the review.

2017/09/25 – The review for the Destiny 2 game took a while since i wanted to make a playthrough before reaching conclusions. it is finally up, please share your comments.

2017/09/15 – Following my thoughts about humanity’s future delayed, I made a research for some of the best futuristic cities and settlements out there – enjoy!

2017/09/12 – I recently saw some “oldies” on screen and blew my mind how much they thought our technology was advanced by now. Little did they know we are adapting ourselves to a bland style of life as days go by.