• Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino Album Review

    Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino Album Review

    The release of Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino, being the sixth studio album by the beloved British group, Arctic Monkeys was long-awaited for me, and I’m sure a lot of other Arctic Monkeys fans out there. Personally I feel like it lived up to its standards. The album was announced fairly abruptly, breaking the band’s five-year hiatus since their critically acclaimed album AM, which is one of my personal favorites and I’m sure a lot of other people’s, though it is the most popular. It’s really difficult trying to accept the way your face looks on camera, because I hope this isn’t how I look in real life. I will…

  • Deadpool 2 - Movie Review

    Deadpool 2 – Movie Review

    I do not consider Deadpool the most successful film in the world. About 2 years ago I had an attempt to write a review that i thought it would brought into the table very different opinions. My opinion on “Deadpool” has therefore not changed. Deadpool was a wonderful figure for me, but caught up in a boring origins story. Now comes the week of the long-awaited “Deadpool 2” in the cinema. Many are curious if the successor wins against the predecessor. With David Leitch, who is actually stuntman, a brand new director was found. That’s an interesting, great choice. He has worked on films like “Atomic Blonde” and “John Wick”.…

  • 2018 - Hardware Refresh Year?

    2018 – Hardware Refresh Year?

    Nvidia seems to approach fast the launch of the GeForce 20 series, or GeForce 11 series or if you prefer, the Pascal refresh or Ampere or if you prefer, Turing, because no one really knows for certain right now. There are so many different rumors and theories behind what we’re going to be seeing from Nvidia, my personal take on this is that I don’t think of Volta is going to come to gamers, I think that yes, we’re either going to be seeing Ampere, Turing or a Pascal refresh and indeed it’s going to be much more focused towards the gaming side of things. One of the reasons that…

  • Avengers Infinity War - Movie Review

    Avengers Infinity War – Movie Review

    I will try to respect the beginning of the movie and not do any spoilers. In fact, at the beginning of the film, they had a great big thing about saying “Please don’t do any spoilers because people who want to see this film want to see it exactly as you’re seeing it, not knowing anything about it.” So, in order to do that, I will just tell you the basic setup and I’ll try and avoid sort of specific plot points beyond that. Obviously, if you want to know nothing at all then see the film first and the reviews after if that makes any sense. “Avengers: Infinity war”…

  • Super Troopers 2 Movie Review

    Super Troopers 2 Movie Review

    Time for an unexpected movie review. In this article, I am going to give you my review of Super Troopers 2. I just got back from the theaters on an easy-going Sunday afternoon and I got to say I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, maybe just some pastime but, I loved this film. At one time I was laughing so hard I had to almost stop looking at it. I’m not saying everyone will have a great time or that I was laughing the whole movie, not every single joke hit, but quite a few of them hit it hard and I bet there is one for many people…

  • The Energy Of Nothing

    The Energy Of Nothing

    As per Minecraft Wiki, even a game which can be anything seems to struggle with the concept of nothing. Air is a block used to represent unoccupied spaces, it can only be destroyed or created by the placement or removal of other blocks, that is the definition of air. Just take a look at some of the game’s past patch nodes, air is now internally a block and can’t be kept in the inventory. It has a missing texture, therefore, cannot be kept in the inventory anymore, but it’s internally still handled as a block. The game cannot decide whether air exists or not, but clearly, it plays an important…

  • AMD Ryzen 7 Processors - The 2nd Gen Ryzen

    AMD Ryzen 7 Processors – The 2nd Gen Ryzen

    I still think this second-generation Ryzen came too fast but I am also glad I can do a performance review right this day. I’m not sure if that sounded right but regardless I’ll be walking you through my experience testing out the new Ryzen 7 2700 X CPU, and of course I’ll be sharing my performance results compared to my 1700 X sitting right behind me, in my workstation PC and perhaps come to a conclusion as to whether or not it’s worth upgrading. The specs on the 2700 X are pretty good, but it’s not significantly better than its predecessor, it’s still worth finding out especially if you’re working…

  • Rampage - Movie Review

    Rampage – Movie Review

    I was lucky enough to go to have a friend at the Hollywood premiere last night at the Microsoft theater, packed with a lot of people. The rock that was there, all the stars were there, it was a fun time. Unfortunately, the movie wasn’t so much fun, not saying there isn’t any, there’s a little bit fun on this movie but for the most part, not very good. I was really hoping The Rock would be the one to make the first, not great but just really enjoyable, video game movie. We had Tomb Raider’s a couple weeks back which wasn’t bad, it was just OK. I was hoping…

  • Rogue Planet Earth

    Rogue Planet Earth

    One thing that isn’t too often thought about regarding the end of the earth is that getting baked or even swallowed by the sun are not the only possibilities. In previous articles, I’ve read of the possibilities of what we might do to prevent earth’s end billions of years from now if we’re still around. But if we aren’t, or choose not to save the earth, there is one possibility that has a particularly interesting potential outcome in the far future. In a 2000 paper by Greg Laughlin and Fred C. Adams report that there is a chance, albeit a diminishing small one, that a passing star could gravitationally disrupt…