A Quiet Place Movie Review

A Quiet Place Movie Review

A Quiet Place is a movie by John Krasinski, and I think he actually did a pretty good job.

This was some movie that I actually saw previews for a couple months ago and I thought it looked really good, the first time the preview came out we were really excited about it.

It looked like a really good horror film and then two months back they released a second trailer, where they showed the monsters, and I was worried he was going to fall into the same problems that a lot of new directors and the horror genre do, where they show you the bad guy and you just don’t care anymore.

I liked this movie but it was not what I was expecting, definitely not, because it was sold as like it’s one of the best horror movies but I gave it more a feeling of a thriller or suspenseful monster movie.

But, if you classified there as a truly monster-hero movie, well, it is a horrible horror movie. so, if you’re expecting to be scared I didn’t get that feeling.

One of the reasons I love horror movies so much is to get this feeling like this I’d be almost hiding behind what I’m looking at the screen when I don’t know what’s going to happen.

There was none of that at all this entire film time. Not for me. there were a couple times when it kind of got me with unintentional jump scares, they played a lot with the volume where everything’s very quiet then all of a sudden you know there’s a lot of sounds that come through, or a hand that reaches out and grabs something and so there were some parts where I guess you could say this is scary, but I didn’t feel that way.

So, I classify it more than a thriller, a horror movie would, after I finished watching, be scared to go turn off lights. I didn’t get that sense of urgency or whatnot, but I was in suspense, and I was really involved in the smooth suspense.

Nitpicks — somethings don’t make any sense like vs something’s was really smart. They go to a crazy acting level where there’s sand everywhere, they walk, they’re painting the boards that are you know creaky or not creaky versus creaky, and they were actually really smart about how it went so, hats off to the person who wrote this part.

A Quiet Place Movie Review

They did a really good job of fleshing this world out, you see just enough of it in newspaper clippings, you don’t know what the monsters are and that is something that I appreciated because it’s up to you to discover, not in some little articles I saw earlier.

I will be doing spoilers later on, but if you didn’t saw this movie yet, stay curious to find out where that came from, what and how this happens.

I really liked the performances from pretty much everybody in this film, I think John Krasinski himself was really good, Emily Blunt was good for the most part, the kid actors were not bad, there were sometimes where I don’t think it’s the poor acting on the kids part, the young deaf girl didn’t do a killer job but you’re supposed to be frustrated with her the whole film and I absolutely was so.

If that was something that they were directing her to do, then she did it very well.

Overall, it’s a really great opener for John Krasinski, I hope he continues to do these types of films because we don’t get a lot of good monster movies and I say this was a good monster movie.

It could have been a little better if he wants to go into bigger monster’s flicks. I’d be totally up for it but I think this is a home run movie knocked out of the park.

There wasn’t a lot of dialogue, but you can tell the emotion and the pain they were going through, the kids were terrified which is great, I was a lot at the edge of my seat at certain points, some things were pretty far-fetched, but it’s a monster movie you have to forgive it a little from their fantasy side.

It’s definitely above average, it’s hard to try to classify a movie that it’s a horror movie but you feel it like an average monster suspenseful film, it’s definitely better than that, it comes from really strong performances and the really clever things with the sound to try to build suspense, it didn’t feel artificial like it did in Dunkirk where there’s a girl like a clock ticking in the background for no reason, just trying to drive up your suspense.

It didn’t feel forced in that way, there was so much tension on the performances that it was excellent at that point.

Spoilers ahead warning: the subplot with the little girl being deaf and the monsters having to chase people around with sound is fascinating.

A Quiet Place Movie Review

The monster coming down the stairs like two or three times and never steps on a nail? I know it was probably made to have been completely inappropriate would have turned it into a comedy for half a second, but I think they’re probably like five seconds was kind of comedic right there.

I am going for a 7 out of 10 for the effort.