Afterlife – The Terrible Illusion

I was hearing how a friend of mine got all enlightened about how he found where we go when we leave this “material” body and reach another level of existence.

Sincerely, I shouldn’t know if I should laugh or cry, I probably did both at the same time.

I had to ask.

– Where were you when you slept last night?

– No answer.

He knew I wasn’t talking about the physical self, that was probably in his bed, but not remembering being in this world or any other world for that matter, is really a no-go.

Someone is in for a rude awakening.

Afterlife (3)

We are all energy. And I don’t need to state the matter is made of energy, no need to go that deep. We just need to understand what our consciousness is – the interconnections of the millions of neurons that make our brain.

Here resides where many scientists get a scratch on their back, hard to reach and get it clear.

Seems the human being needs to believe something more than this temporary reality is waiting for them, we are so afraid of this being just it that we tremble in fear just thinking everyone we know is going to die – soon.

The brain works on electrical signals, there is no reality out there, just the one we build up inside our mind. Remember – our brain never saw the light, how does it know what light, colors and everything else really is?

Light is electric and magnetic waves; the sound is air pressure. Every one of our individual perception is electric waves experienced by our senses and decoded inside our brain.

Like everything feeding on energy, when you power it down it’s over. No thoughts, no dreams, no reality – nothing.
You cease to exist.

And to make matters worse, everything will still keep going without you.

Afterlife - The Terrible IllusionAfterlife - The Terrible IllusionAfterlife - The Terrible Illusion

All these along with a few other details makes people believe in the illusory afterlife state of mind. They fear death so they don’t even think about it, and they play through life like a demigod, thinking they are something special that will go to a special plane of existence after this physical body is overdone in this world.

I suggest meditation for all our inquiries. Usually, when I meet someone who practices meditation I know that person might reach the state of mind to understand the deep answers to their most fearsome questions. Not everyone is insightful enough to keep meditation a practice and many give up way too soon until they get the powerful force of awareness that awaits those who dive in deep into their own minds.

Questioning existence is a whole new reality, that is unimaginable in size compared to understanding our consciousness.

I ask – why something that grows and emerges from the joining of individual atoms and molecules and grows as an individual being would have eternal life?

Means any conscious being will have an eternal life somewhere in the heavens, whatever and wherever that is?

Afterlife (2)

I am not saying this to correct people who rely on this too much to keep going through their hard life and expect to experience something more enjoyable sooner or later, in this life or in another plane of their own existence. Their faith keeps them going unless they find that the nature of reality is nothing more than this.

It’s just our awareness until we die and shuts off.

When we discover the mysteries of our brain and unlock the way to improve our reality and ourselves, we would then accept we are nothing more than the interface between our senses and the energy waves out there in an unknown reality.

Made of our own illusion, even if we find any evidence of a soul, the illusion can never be proven and easily nullified by the limited science perspective, we will get into the infinite regress problem – the relationship of terms in a series without the possibility of a term initiating the series.

We will never label the substance that makes us be ourselves, we would need to find that single neuron in our brain responsible for the inquisitive soul.

In the end, we might not even exist in the reality out there, but that is a theme for another day.

Enjoy this life as much as you can, build yourself up and make the best out of you and out of it. If this is our only chance to experience it, why believing in something else we will never be sure about?

Our consciousness will be beyond comprehension for eons. But it is us who control ourselves to be the best we can for others, for our loved ones, and for our own life.

One day we are all gone, nowhere to find, no heavens, no afterlife, no stock of pre-programmed conscious existence for a god to choose and “place” inside a new-born brain like a pack of batteries.


Afterlife - The Terrible IllusionAfterlife - The Terrible IllusionAfterlife - The Terrible Illusion

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