Amarillyan Characters Presentation

Amarillyan Characters Presentation

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Malkin Allimer


A curious boy that asked the reason of everything around him while growing up, now, as a man, he seeks even more knowledge using his work in Avanthyx as complement for his research. Its far beyond anyone´s wild imagination what Malkin thinks about the universe. Where it comes from, what is it really made of, and its ultimate destiny.

Only following his adventured life we can begin to understand… And we only scratch the surface.

Photographic reference for Malkin kindly provided by Khalil Jeremias Emede, all content is part of his original work and cannot be redistributed without permission:



Valeyna fills our lineup of misfits being the hard working smart business girl by day, and a beautiful caring friend when needed.

Val found the guys wandering around completely lost in what to do next and stepped in to help the team, at least it’s what she said. Until today I don’t really know who the lost one was… anyways, she is the girl with a plan when we need one.

Our guide throughout business, trips, stations, hotels, pickups, deliveries, etc. she always gives a shoulder during hard times and takes the time to listen to us all. Her advices should be paid, even being a close friend, she never fails to see things out of the box.

Photographic reference for Valeyna kindly provided by Kahina Spirit, all content is part of her original work and cannot be redistributed without permission:

Meryan Goldam


Meryan is our spaceship, car, bike and whatever pilot. Anything with wheels! She used to work at a driver school and mechanic office but didn’t get along with constant changing schedules and working orders, etc. Her “grease-monkey” attitude didn’t help either.

Malkin met her on the Rearstar lounge years ago, both “hot” and talking bad about all-things-life, they lost connection that night. Now, a couple years later, he finds Meryan again, working for Avanthyx.

Today she is his “partner in crime”, when Malkin needs that special time to get “off world”, and travel through each other’s thoughts, and talk of everything around us. Meryan might be the one that knows more about Malkin than everyone else.

Photographic reference for Meryan kindly provided by Countess Sadistic, all content is part of her original work and cannot be redistributed without permission:



The wonderful scientist/technician, Brenmonsand, Malkin´s close friend from the past who took the job at first word. Helped a lot to design what was needed to fiddle between the big corporations, and having a small sustainable business, with no rubbish when presenting the final work.

Bren taught the team a lot about science technologies, computers and anything electric, with or without an operating system. He can connect anything to everything, and even design and built his own things from spare parts.

Photographic reference for Brenmonsand kindly provided by LienSkullova, all content is part of her original work and cannot be redistributed without permission: Model: Jonoko Kiboshi::



Chalemar is our security and planetary/universe guide. Sometimes we all think he lives inside a black hole, and often wonder where all that information is stored or where it comes from. He´s a physical powerful man, and seems most of the time absorbed in his own world.

Nevertheless, the knowledge in the team about the mapping and structure of places comes from his mind, and it’s perfectly consistent with every visit done to the unknown to this day. including off-sight “business”. Even Malkin as some trouble defying his ideas, and finds some amusement in that.

Chalemar protects them like his own children, even knowing they are little younger than him. You never get him to trust easy on anyone, a smile from him doesn’t come easy to strangers.

Photographic reference for Chalemar kindly provided by Phelan A. Davion, all content is part of his original work and cannot be redistributed without permission:

Aldie Tornington


A longtime friend of Hermin, Malkin´s father. They grew together and got separated when they chose completely different occupations in life, but never lost contact. When Tornington opened his company at Suneye, Hermin was the first to welcome him there and helped to get settled.

Later he got into Malkin when help for an extra pair of hands was needed, and things would never be the same again.

Photographic reference for Aldie Tornington kindly provided by Tomislav, all content is part of his original work and cannot be redistributed without permission: Model: Predrag Brkljac:



The only daughter of the Rearstar lounge owner. A charming and smart lady. You couldn’t ask for better to assist you, and keeping you around wanting more.

Maire is very friendly, welcomes everyone with a big smile, and as the means to keep you coming back to her place. Either she remembers what you want as soon you arrive, or makes the right connections between the people she meets every day.

Malkin got to know her better a couple years ago, when she asked him to build the server for the coffee table hubs, where clients submit their requests. Now, she also does all the programing and maintenance, with a little help from Brenmonsand on the server-side.

Maire and Bren relationship clearly has something more than meets the eye. A deep staring look is often seen from one when the other is not aware, but being both strong and upfront, who will guess what’s on their minds?

Photographic reference for Maire kindly provided by Lien Skullova, all content is part of her original work and cannot be redistributed without permission:   Model: Violetta Gabdullina

Hermin Allimer


Hermin was a professor of mathematics and physics at the Suneye University, until recently retired.

He taught Malkin many things about the world, and it didn’t had much trouble in steering his son in the right direction. The natural curiosity runs in the family.
Deep inside, Hermin is a very proud man of what he had accomplished, since the days he required the license to enter the city, and finding work here was a lucky draw.

At current time he is retired with fulfillment and gather a happy family, friends and colleagues around him, that still today, they visit each other and get loose in very technical thoughts, and wine.

Photographic reference for Hermin kindly provided by Jade Macalla, all content is part of his original work and cannot be redistributed without permission:

Natalia Allimer


Natalia is a decoration programmer, co-owner along with her sister, of a company downtown Suneye. She designs and programs window glass and changeable image walls.

Natalia and Hermin met during the fulfillment of a contract with the Suneye University, at lunch time they shared more than one coffee, and a few weeks later they were inseparable. On the contrary of Hermin, Natalia was born and raised in Suneye, and doesn’t know much about the world outside.

As with many Suneye-born residents, the university already told them the basics of the life outside the comfort of the city walls. So they just keep around, following the rules and doing their simple life the best they can. Not much of an adventurer, she is a very delightful woman, bearer of a soft touch and sweet voice.

Photographic reference for Natalia kindly provided by Janna, all content is part of her original work and cannot be redistributed without permission:


the Crest Building Offices and Workplace attendant.

Sarah was rescued from one of the settlements outside Suneye by the owner of the Crest building. she treated and took care of her during a small disease caught outside the city walls, preventing then to enter the city unless quarantined and investigated.

Being a business woman she didn’t wanted that on her profile. Sarah understood and took her to her simple house, making it forever a secret between them.

Amarillyan Characters PresentationAmarillyan Characters PresentationAmarillyan Characters Presentation