Amarillyan Episode 1 Part 1 - Intromission

Amarillyan Episode 1 Part 1 – Intromission

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A shadowed figure walks with a serene pace by the dense vegetation to the top of a hill. Between the leaves and bushes he stirs aside to pave a way, light shows a young man.

Hands slide through the vegetation, senses yearn the touch of the trees and plants. The sun bathes his face in a yellowish color. He works to find a path in the middle of the vegetation, and on occasion gives off the impression he wants to be alone.

A sad face creates the impression of running from something and looking for another. One of his hands holds something delicate. The way he protects and looks every so often, imprints mournful.

On a pleasant space at the hilltop, Malkin sits in reserve with his legs interlocked at the knees and stares forward. In a few hours the sun will set its yellow color and position alongside the horizon.
He opens his hand and moves what holds onto both. A red-yellow thing rolls into both palms of his hands. A bird. An adorable bird. Too quiet. A dying bird.

Amarillyan Story

“My name is Malkin. I live in Suneye—one of the four rebuilt cities on planet Earth… and here is my story.”

Malkin stares at the green lands that go beyond the hills and shares his thoughts on precedent events.
“The year is 2554. Earth has rejuvenated from the ground up after turning into a wasteland. This time does not lay in the hands of old scrupulous mentalities, companies and corporations, as seen several centuries ago. Instead, overcrowding has taken its toll.”

“Around the year 2100, civilized population was in serious trouble with economy break-downs rising over the limit of a sustainable business life. The organization was not working and foul health spread among working people.”
“Riots rose everywhere while the healthy people and governments tried to control and decrease media storytelling. The deep wounds and damage done led to no possible recovery this time.”

“What happened next didn’t help either. Countries without law or self-imposed ´people law` gave way to years of abuse, trashing, pillaging and destroying that evolved in a civilized world.”

“Mankind persisted on its way downhill, but Mother Earth couldn’t take any more – being ripped to shreds by a blind race. Without control of overpopulation, the balance overturned long ago.”

Amarillyan Episode 1 Part 1 - IntromissionAmarillyan Episode 1 Part 1 - IntromissionAmarillyan Episode 1 Part 1 - Intromission

“Though reduced by 20% of normal planet coverage, the ozone layer endures, but nature fell sick and showed this every day. Many animals and vegetation were falling dead, starving, or had diseases and viruses that had the chance of multiplying and spreading at an alarming rate. The carbon cycle’s breaking made the planet 1.5° C hotter per century.”
“The foundation of existence was at stake, the cradle neglected, desperation and misery followed the struggle for survival.”

“As time passed, the human race withstood being wiped out by nasty diseases. Anti-biotic resistant bacteria on Tuberculosis, Cholera, and even on infected wounds were plaguing the lands. The decline of civilization impersonated its way.”
“A few healthy auxiliary helpers had to make a harsh decision. Leave most behind, travel to pleasant and safe lands and rebuild. Even though many wanted to stay and find a way for survival, the adepts of endurance were a pronounced statement, perishing along with the condemned.”

“Time arrived for mankind to get up from its knees and spread the horizons. This race pushed to start thinking as a whole. The Universe is a home for everyone. The world is conceivable to many other races, not explicit to one dedicated to destroy and consume its own home planet.”

“By chance or systematic part of animal nature, people started to gather and fight for survival together as a team. Each individual shared own abilities, contributing in their best way to make this world a better place – again.”
“The hard reset provided a thoughtful way of doing things. Walls shaped around safe areas, and modernized cities erected from the ashes.”

Amarillyan Story (2)

“A new government reflected on individual health, goals, and even free time to be considerate and proposed. Everything planned to serve everyone in equal parts, taking into account your skills, goods, and efforts.”

“The more you contribute, the more gains and intermission you get. It’s far from Utopia but avoids the old business design mistakes used and abused by big corporations years ago.”

“We paid for our mistakes. Watched the demise our own hands made to our birthplace.”

Malkin comes out of thoughts and concentrates on the present:
“Eight years ago I offered four rare birds in the form of two matched couples, to my closest friend to take care of and protect. Had enough trouble to get them, let alone the money needed.”

“Today I hold in my hand what’s left. Sometimes I’m on the edge of hating mankind, myself included because I could always ask how they were doing. If I saw earlier how these animals were, I could have encouraged support, enhanced survival, or end it and brought them home.”
“But it is not done. I trust, and as always, got proof that trust… trust is earned—a written law where you have to consider everyone guilty until they prove otherwise.”
“Let it taste the warm touch of a human hand, as though for the first time in his life, as a consequence of the end.”

“I hope he forgives… I… I don’t know.”

Amarillyan Episode 1 Part 1 - IntromissionAmarillyan Episode 1 Part 1 - IntromissionAmarillyan Episode 1 Part 1 - Intromission

Malkin stands to the side and accommodates the little bird, now deceased, stretched forward, embracing himself with little wings around the body. A sad vision strikes Malkin as he stares at it.

Near a tree he clears enough grass and digs a small hole by working the soil. Doesn’t want to hurt the elements apart from his own hands.

Malkin picks up the little bird and puts him inside the fresh opened land, contemplating for a while and turning his head to the sky. Eyes watched the passing clouds, as if saying something up high without telling a single word.
But the feeling was there.
A mix of love, loss and hate made him look nearby again and end the personal ceremonial moment. Unexcited to get up and follow the same path, Malkin covers the grave of his departed friend and descends the trail of vegetation.

to be continued…