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Amarillyan Part 0 – Preface

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Malkin was a kid made for science. Since his younger years he wanted to know the conscious essence of everything: how it works and what makes it work.
Curiosity drove him. For hours he stared at the night sky, looking up, alone in the house garden. As if the stars spoke, he felt an expression to a monolog, an introspection, while other people busied themselves by meddling in each other’s lives.

Friends heard the same talks on the nature of things. How things came to be and more “boring talks” for 16-year-old boys. Those were lessons which others didn’t hold great interest. Malkin was different.

To understand this fascination and the motives that were dominating his ambition, Malkin took the unavoidable road to master everything possible.
«My mind is made for scientific discovery» – often said.

He learned the studies of cosmic science and got a fresh Ph.D. on astrophysics and atomic physics, while anticipating a postdoctoral position on the American Field University. But In the end Malkin did not gather the required recommendations amidst the stiff competition for the job.

Now, while searching and waiting for a new opening for his skills, Malkin takes diverse jobs that come forth. This allows to expand work on a comprehensive origin of things.

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In his room, lost in thoughts he writes dozens of equations. Work flows and his mind every so often discovers something more to join the archives of his intelligence.

To relax, spends time treating the garden and taking care of the countless flora he dedicates to seed every month of the year.

“Nature runs in my veins. Can’t explain without sounding pure nonsense. But a connection exists between mankind and everything on this planet,” Malkin said more than once to his parents and closest friends. He never had many, wasting time on common kid things was not on the agenda.

Our meeting with Malkin starts in a reflective moment as he is bordering on the last goodbye to something held dear. A gorgeous gift given to one of his dearest friends, who didn’t have the same touch and ability to keep life flowing through it…

Amarillyan Part 0 - PrefaceAmarillyan Part 0 - PrefaceAmarillyan Part 0 - Preface

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