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The year is 2554. Earth has rejuvenated from the ground up after turning into a wasteland. Overcrowding has taken its toll.

Precedent population was in serious trouble with economy break-downs rising over the limit of a sustainable business life. The organization was not working and foul health spread among working people.

Riots rose everywhere while the healthy people and governments tried to control and decrease media storytelling. The deep wounds and damage done led to no possible recovery this time.

Countries without law or self-imposed “people law” gave way to years of abuse, trashing, pillaging and destroying that evolved in a civilized world.

Mankind persisted on its way downhill, but Mother Earth couldn’t take any more – being ripped to shreds by a blind race. Without control of overpopulation, the balance overturned long ago. The foundation of existence was at stake, the cradle neglected, desperation and misery followed the struggle for survival.

As time passed, the human race withstood being wiped out by nasty diseases. Antibiotic resistant bacteria on Tuberculosis, Cholera, and even on infected wounds were plaguing the lands. The decline of civilization impersonated its way.

A few healthy auxiliary helpers had to make a harsh decision. Leave most behind, travel to pleasant and safe lands and rebuild. The adepts of endurance were a pronounced statement, perishing along with the condemned.

Time arrived for mankind to get up from its knees and spread the horizons. People started to gather and fight for survival together as a team. The hard reset provided a thoughtful way of doing things. Walls shaped around safe areas, and modernized cities erected from the ashes.

A new government reflected on individual health, goals, and even free time to be considerate and proposed.


Suneye City was born.

From the outskirts of the city, Aldie Tornington was another man looking to apply for a living inside the protective walls. His business proposal got approved, and with the help of Hermin Allimer, professor at Suneye University,

Avanthyx was born. A cargo company raised by Tornington alone with the use of the Aisliin, a ship that he got in mysterious ways.

Business grew until one day the Aisliin pilot, Meryan, got sick and the ship marooned at Kellhidorzam.

The search for support lead Tornington towards Malkin, a science driven young man with the aim of understanding the Universe we live in.

A new team gathers as time passes by and Malkin takes control over the Aisliin. Their diverse jobs reveal to be adventures on their own. Some into the unknown.

Keeping Avanthyx in business brings these friends to unimaginable places, exploring, retrieving and delivering all they can.

Their friendship grows and proceeds to affection, their lives change and so the ambition.

Malkin wants to know the truth and reason about the Universe and will give up everything to achieve that goal.

One by one the team join a cause that requires them to leave this world behind, and all in it…

I hope you like it and immerse yourself in the beauty and simplicity of the human feelings behind… Amarillyan


Amarillyan Story PresentationAmarillyan Story PresentationAmarillyan Story Presentation

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