AMD Threadripper – Not Only About Performance

With Intel and AMD pursuing a top spot for sales this summer we hope the final consumer will get the most benefits out of this “war”, in spite of the fact that we now know the amount of money that X299 and X399 motherboards will cost.

This seems to be an engineering adventure for more cores and not more GHz, more cores will imply better and faster software execution. While AMD says that the Ryzen Threadripper 1920X and 1950X will be estimated at $799 and $999, Intel seems to keep its prices high on a market where AMD lately has been showing good signs of better consumer sales.

Despite current criticism from Intel towards its direct opponent, Intel Core i9 chip is basically an over variant of the current Ryzen, AMD’s building unit of 8 cores with 16 threads, however with just 28 PCIe lanes. That gives AMD a favorable position on the market as to core I/O transmission capacity.


To put costs into the point of view, the 12 core Intel i9-7920X is $1,199, while the 14 core i9-7940X is evaluated at $1,399. On AMD side, the 16 core Threadripper 1950X will be on sale for around $1,000, while the 12 core Threadripper 1920X is pointing to around $800, the two chips pack an incredible 64 PCI-E lanes.

If the correlation amongst Threadripper and Skylake-X can take a full preferred standpoint on the consumer point of view due to its price/performance ratio, it’s easy to guess many of those in the CPU market may tend to support AMD Threadripper.

AMD´s new processors work on AMD’s new Socket, the TR4, are built out of the 14nm Zen center cores, support quad-channel DDR memory, and highlight a mutual 64 PCIe lanes. Early performance tests flaunt the 12 core Threadripper 1920X striking the 10 core i9-7900X with a Cinebench score of 2,431 against 2,167.

Consumption wise? Well, AMD FX 9590 (8 cores) had a 220-watt TDP, the 16 cores Ryzen Threadripper 1950X is just 180-watt TDP. Shouldn’t something be said about how much it matters along a year round usage? It is not the real battle amongst Epyc and Skylake but not too long ago that AMD has brought architecture that balances power consumption and performance.

Also, AMD Threadripper establishes its server roots with the capacity to 1TB of RAM on the 8-DIMM slots with 128GB Load Reduced DIMMs.

In case you’re evaluating when you will have the means to get your hands on either processor, AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors and motherboards will be accessible toward the beginning of August. These processors contrast positively with Intel’s Skylake-X market share, Threadripper gives the Intel line up something to stress over.

It will be intriguing to notice how Intel’s Core i9 valuing holds up in the coming months now that Ryzen Threadripper will be entering the consumer market share with a more than seductive pricing.