Annihilation - Movie Review

Annihilation – Movie Review

The sci-fi film Annihilation staring Natalie Portman was a medium experience, I will summarize my thoughts on the film in the last two or three paragraphs, and avoid getting into spoilers, to sum up the film.

I thought while not awesome, it was sci-fi okay, I really enjoyed this film it really surprised me.

I think it helps that I knew absolutely next to nothing going into it, other than it was some other sci-fi flick.

The marketing for the film makes it appear a little bit like a monster flick/sci-fi adventure, but I had never really heard about it. there’s not really much studio backing like seeing the trailer, and so I almost kind of looked down on it thinking it’s going to be bad, or it’s not going to be very good.

Probably it’s going to be a kind of by-the-numbers thing and filled with tropes, and poor writing and things like that, and it ended up pleasantly surprising me.

Annihilation - Movie ReviewAnnihilation - Movie ReviewAnnihilation - Movie Review

this is the kind of sci-fi that I find awesome and fascinating, and that I think is rare in Hollywood that you actually see something different.

Now it does share similarities with a lot of excellent movies, you can argue a few Aliens, a little of, maybe Predator, you have the Arrival too, etc.

These kinds of films that had been done and a lot of people enjoyed it, mixed a lot of these elements together, and it takes a really fascinating concept executed quite well.

Summarizing, in this movie a comet falls from space and hits a lighthouse, then it creates a shimmer that starts expanding, and so they’re concerned about this phenomenon, that feels like a second environment, trying to take over, like our cities and forests.

These four scientists have to come in and get to the bottom of it, that’s basically it.

Annihilation - Movie Review

Visually is amazing the way they deflected and reconstructed the transformation of the environment on the inside. I was wondering if we were going to get a good visual effects payoff when going inside this phenomenon, and I think ultimately, that’s one of the parts of the film that’s strongest.

What I found in the film was some moments, like the first 80% of the film were excellent, and I came in not thinking I was going to like this movie. This was actually made by Paramount who did Arrival.

I didn’t know what to think, but I was excited about it because if it would look more like a basic monster movie where they go in there and there are monsters to kill, I would care about it.

In the end, that’s all this was about, but also it was much more than that.

Some scenes were just gorgeous, they really did a good job showing what a different environment would look like. They did funny things the lights and up until the end, which I think we all will have disparate takes on it, I really like this movie.

I’m wondering if we’re going to get more of these I don’t think we should because I think this one really kind of ends and it’s self-contained.

I think the end of the film is just as strong as the beginning, it’s visually awkward, and some people are going to feel that ruins it. it addresses a lot of different themes, it ties its characters really well into the story.

Annihilation - Movie ReviewAnnihilation - Movie ReviewAnnihilation - Movie Review

It’s not just concerned about the discovery of this new phenomenon, but also an inward look at not only the characters and their interrelationships among themselves and their friends, but also the relationships of human beings with animals, with plant life, with biology and DNA, and all the interesting concepts it executes really well.

It is a slower burn at the beginning, and then it picks up and doesn’t let go.

There are a few more good things here, it’s like Prometheus for the most part and it is all female cast. I think they could have injected men here and it would make sense in this monster universe where it’s always usually this kind of monster flicks with military and with the guns and M16s going in, and they’re all dudes. This was kind of an interesting take on that.

The visuals were impressive, and it’s hard to talk about the film without giving too much away. There was enough suspense that makes you want to know what’s going to happen, and they weren’t rushing from event to event, which can get tiresome.

So actually, I appreciated anything due to the pacing. Some things they could have explored even more, but they don’t give you everything and that lends well to the whole concept, and at the end, they don’t shy away from actually giving you the money shot.

The supporting cast kind of fades into the background, I think its inevitable when the cast of scientists goes inside, and I think every one of those ladies did a did an excellent job at convincing me of the world.

Annihilation - Movie Review

If you’re a fan of sort of exploration movies and the unknown, and even biology and sciences like that, you should definitely check out this film. It’s so rare that we get kind of this sort of sci-fi things that, in my opinion, are trying some new ideas, and this is one of them.

This is great exploration, a slow science fiction movie, you never know what’s going to happen, it’s very suspenseful.