Avengers Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War – Movie Review

I will try to respect the beginning of the movie and not do any spoilers.

In fact, at the beginning of the film, they had a great big thing about saying “Please don’t do any spoilers because people who want to see this film want to see it exactly as you’re seeing it, not knowing anything about it.”

So, in order to do that, I will just tell you the basic setup and I’ll try and avoid sort of specific plot points beyond that.

Obviously, if you want to know nothing at all then see the film first and the reviews after if that makes any sense.

Avengers: Infinity war” – Is essentially Thanos, this evil tyrant who is hell-bent on a mission to destroy half of all the life in the universe, and to do this he needs to gather together the Infinity stones, which were sort of there at the beginning of the big bang and been scattered around.

He has a glove into which the Infinity stones will be fitted and these will enable his powers, and in order to stop him a huge range of characters from the universe, but from different movies that we’ve seen, all must put aside their differences and come together to stop him in his quest.

That’s pretty much what I’ll say about the plot. Thanos is a plague to the universe, he invades planets, he takes what he wants and wipes out half the population.

He sent Loki to attack New York, yes that’s him.

No telling he has the power and space stones that already makes him the strongest creature in the whole universe, If he gets his hands on all six stars, he could destroy life on a scale only dreamt on.

Everything about this Movie is absolutely enormous, from the size of its cast to the sort of the breadth of the canvas upon which it’s playing out, to the size of the conflicts and the battles, to the scope of what’s at stake.

Also, it has to be said about the length of its running time and the projections of its box office.

It’s directed by the Russos who I think do a pretty good job of taking something in which you have such a vast expanse and reigning things in and making sure that what you have that all the way through.

It is important to understand that there will be two different responses to the film, one of them will be from people who are absolutely fans of the world of this universe and of the characters, and the other one will be people who are common moviegoers without any deeper connection to the franchise and its heroes.

Avengers Infinity War

a movie has to accommodate both kinds of audience, that is one of the things that is both a strength and a weakness on Avengers infinity war, it does play as far as I can tell most strongly towards the fans, towards the devotees.

I really enjoyed it and I’ve had a similar response from my teenager who grew up with the Avengers movies and has a huge amount of time invested in them and really enjoyed seeing them.

They take the world seriously. It’s taking the story seriously. It’s taking the elements seriously. There is a lot of humor too, I mean as there always has been in the Marvel films.

You do get a lot of nice interplays between Iron Man and Spider-man, and even between star-lord. You get that sort of bickering that they do in between the action and that stuff always works very well, in fact, particularly in the stuff with Spider-man and Iron Man, that’s the stuff that I’ve always liked and this movie you do get that but you also get a Sense that there is a seriously huge big thing happening.

You do get that sort of sense of seriousness.

However, I did feel that when we came out of the movie that we had had very different experiences of it. if you think about a film like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, or you think about movies which should have divided audiences, what became clear is that although we both thought the same things about the film were interesting and admirable, our emotional responses were very different from the people who were real fans of the universe.

There are several moments in it that I saw which people whooped and cheered and gasped and were really properly emotionally engaged, so I know that is a film that it is working with its audience.

I have a very different experience of it in that I really did feel that I was watching a film in which I wasn’t emotionally engaged in the way that the core audience would be, and as a result of that I ended up seeing a lot of things, a lot more things that I found problematic than they did.

It’s really important to say it, particularly when you’re talking about this kind of genre of film.

So much of it is to do with where you’re coming from in terms of your relationship to the characters, and your relationship to the franchise, that is a really big part of it.

As part of the world and as part of the franchise it done a really good job, it does that job really well.

It brought together an extraordinary number of elements and it’s put them together in a film which is very long and I know that didn’t feel too long, and that has very clear risks that they didn’t expect.

Does things that they did expect and did want but also twists and subverts them in ways that they didn’t. It thrilled them excited, worked as a great film.

I felt that sometimes the jumping between the light and dark Felt a little bit like channel hopping, it felt like I was kind of flipping between different channels which were working at different registers, and on occasion that registers didn’t work together, so the interplaying of the equipping and the underlying narrative sort of seemed to me to be at odds.

You have a story which has this many stories going on because essentially is a group coming together.

Lots of disparate groups coming together and then crisscrossing with each other. Whenever that happens you always run the danger of losing the thread of one particular narrative or another, and I did feel that there were moments when we were checking in here, checking in there, and in which the two things weren’t being emotionally carried through.

One thing that fantasy films always have to deal with is the seriousness of consequences. If you have a fantasy movie in a world in which you haven’t known any form of alternate reality or any anything, that moves away from convincing you that things that happen in this world have consequences, irreversible consequences.

That’s the kind of dramatic weight of any situation, and I think that’s always a battle I mean in producing this type of franchise movies.

It’s a film that begins and ends at a certain point, and I think it deals brilliantly with that idea that the world that you’re in may be flexible in ways that you wouldn’t expect, but actually is inflexible that you know this is an idea explored there for about any fantasy universe.

The thing that you have to do is you have to make it feel consequential, you have to make it feel like there are there great emotional and physical things at stake, and I have to say that I felt that, I didn’t feel that I now know that something which is sort of built into the film source material itself.

You know It’s a supergroup assembly. There are so many different characters on this, but I do always have that feeling that for me as an outsider, I’ve never been that deeply emotionally invested in them.

I’ve always sort of preferred the single narrative, the smaller result, the path less trodden as opposed to the huge rate and amount of action that is the central rush of emotional engagement.

Avengers Infinity War

It does this very well, and if you’re a fan of those movies, and if you’re invested in those characters you’ll really be knocked out by it because you’ll find that it does things that you don’t expect, and you’ll find that it takes risks that you don’t expect too.

It’s adventurous and it’s put it is very well put together.

If you lack that central emotional connection to these heroes you will struggle with all of those things that I’ve said.

I don’t think I have given anything away. I’m trying to honestly describe the experience without spoilers, or this movie will be ruined for you.

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