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Avengers Infinity War – Pre-Production Afterthoughts

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans must be very happy with the newcomers in the trailers section of upcoming movies in the Marvel universe.

First Thor: Ragnarok and now the Avengers Infinity War, arriving to give us a taste of what is coming into the production of the movie.

You can watch the stars from Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy together in pre-production, along with several commentaries from the producers, with cameras and stage designs at work.

Scheduled for May 2018, this behind the scenes trailer shows Producer Kevin Feige driving the Marvel Cinematic Universe into plenty of action, with all the characters combined into one movie.

The previous Avengers and Captain America movies showed us a disbanded team, but is Thanos the powerful threatening villain capable of making the team of heroes assembling against the same threat?

Together with the singularities called Infinity Stones, the plot is only slightly showed to us, mere mortals, while the writers deliver enthusiastic comments about what we are to expect a year from now.