• Tennis Match Principles

    Tennis Match Principles

    The primary and most essential factor in match play is to understand the way to lose while learning something from it, like a different training session. Lose willingly to give it another try, generously, and like a sportsman. That is the brilliant regulation of tennis, and another one is to win modestly, cheerfully, kindly, and act like a fair sportsman. The object of the game-play is to win, however, no score is going to a gamer who does no longer triumph honestly and squarely. A victory is a defeat if it is aside from truthful and proper game-play. Furthermore, I say to win is the key, and to accomplish that,…

  • The NVidia GTX 2080 $1,500 Price Rumor

    The NVidia GTX 2080 $1,500 Price Rumor

    There exists a rumor which has been circulating around that said the upcoming Nvidia flagship graphics card, which people have been referring to as the GTX 2080, could be costing as high as $1500. That is just a rumor and it really has no basis or grounding in reality whatsoever. I’m not here to debunk this rumor, which so much of the tech press has picked up and done stories on as if it actually even existed a reference point. Fortunately, that’s not how things work. You can’t just think something and make it fact. Although the current landscape of the news media would have you not to believe that.…

  • Metal Gear Survive Review

    Metal Gear Survive Review

    Metal Gear survive starts when all the characters that you know and love are riding away, like speeding out of here, so they don’t have to participate in this game. They are leaving you behind to deal with it. So the story happens right after the mother base from Metal Gear Phantom Pain gets destroyed, and the portal opens up to another dimension… Then zombies. That’s it. Who’s responsible? No one, unless you count a cardboard box that gets in the way… Really! Seems like Konami has an ineptitude of not knowing what to do with one of their last good licenses that they had all this time. Basically, they…

  • 2018 - No Budget For Gaming Computers

    2018 – No Budget For Gaming Computers

    Looking at the way the marketplace for computer gaming components is behaving towards the end consumer, seems now it is the worst time if you want to build your own gaming machine. DDR pricing along with graphics cards makes one wonder on the beginning of 2018 that previous year has been a wild journey for the computer tech industry, not just for the usual tech giants, but also consumers. Just as I write this article I wander around some of the go-to online shops to buy a gaming computer component, just to find every GPU out of stock. Gets worse, graphics cards pricing changed from eventually starting to relax in…

  • Destiny 2 - Expansion I: Curse of Osiris

    Destiny 2 – Expansion I: Curse of Osiris

    Released on December 5, the Expansion I for Destiny 2 is called Curse of Osiris and is available for PC and consoles on the same date. Involves players exploring the Vex network on the return to Mercury, with time and space loops to avoid the inevitable attack of a new army, gathered by the machines who want to use a previous opened gate on the planet. Mercury is now a full open location with unique areas along with known spots from the Crucible maps, like The Lighthouse. There are new missions and adventures, new world quest and Crucible maps with new puzzles and loot, as well new places to explore…

  • Games for December 2017

    Games for December 2017

    A list of my chosen games for this December, not that I will play all of them, just think many will want to keep an eye open for their release and make your own analysis. A lot more to come into the mix but they didn’t sparked my curiosity enough, at least, so far. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds A detailed world providing content creators a lot of vehicles, weapons & assets for players use in their own mods. A promising game using the Unreal Engine. Brendan Greene is the pioneer of the Battle Royale genre game-mode on the ARMA game series and creative director at Bluehole. Genre: Massively Multiplayer Action Adventure Developer:…

  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Game Review

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Game Review

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 is here and looks as amazing as ever. Its graphics are noticeable top grade even along the short campaign story. Looks and feels Star Wars all over, giving the players a known Universe to enjoy. Feels so well made that parts can even be mistaken for a movie moment, good work DICE made in this aspect of what was expected to be a great game. Speaking of the campaign, it’s unfortunately too short, it can be made through in four-five hours, but it is always better than no single player mode like the 2015 Star Wars Battlefront game. The story takes place before The Force Awakens,…

  • Call of Duty WWII - Game Review

    Call of Duty WWII – Game Review

    Welcome to Saving Private Ry… uh… I mean… Call of Duty WWII. Jokes aside, I wasn’t expecting Call of Duty going back again to WWII, and with an explored narrative by all multimedia fronts, movies, music, and games – The invasion of Normandy on 6 June 1944, the “D-Day,” the first day of the invasion. This description sounded Deja-vu, the Liberation of France, specifically the D-day story was already played in Call of Duty 2. Dice took the risk going with a generic campaign and old-school warfare, guns, no more futuristic gadgets, drones and advanced technical spectacle. It is the same old design on going from  point A to point…

  • Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus - Game Review

    Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – Game Review

    Wolfenstein fans rejoice, the next campaign is here, and it looks better than ever. The first-person shooter based on Nazi killing makes another coming for gamers, encouraging us to keep blowing our way through the awesome maps and weapon upgrades along with a fourteen-hour campaign, a very satisfying one. Find your play style and customize your wielding favorites and enjoy the ride, with enough drama, but also fun moments along the cutscenes of The New Colossus. It follows the events of the earlier game, it gets you in action after a bold introductory scene and asks you to be quick and deadly while dealing with the usual abilities as jump,…

  • Destiny 2 - Game Review

    Destiny 2 – Game Review

    As I was getting into Destiny 2, I was looking at its lore and expecting a good expansion on it. The story doesn’t get deeper, unfortunately. No increased human relationships and the ability to strive in wartime are portrayed in very little cut-scenes. Rapidly forgettable or pass into oblivion amidst the remaining missions. The voice actors and their performance are remarkable. The same can’t be said about the script, its bad and at times a collection of low-class cliches bringing a surprising lore down to directionless boring cut-scenes. The character creation doesn’t bring anything new worth to mention. And the way you are placed into the action feels rushed right…