• Daily News: Trump's Meeting, Mars Mission And Vegetarian Fast Food

    Daily News: Trump’s Meeting, Mars Mission And Vegetarian Fast Food

    Good morning, here are the latest news for today, from Trump’s meeting to Mars mission and vegetable fast food. Enjoy your day! NASA’s InSight mission will give Mars a long-overdue ‘health checkup’ NASA has been sending space probes to Mars since the 1960s to study the Red Planet’s climate and geology and to look for signs of life. Now the space agency is in the final planning stages of a new mission that will be the first to peer deep below the … NASA’s InSight mission will give Mars a long-overdue ‘health checkup’   A Mass Shooting Tore Their Lives Apart. A Corruption Scandal Crushed Their Hopes For Justice. LOS…

  • The Star Wars of Mark Hamill & Jimmy Kimmel

    The Star Wars of Mark Hamill & Jimmy Kimmel

    Commemorating the Digital release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on March 13th, Mark Hamill and Jimmy Kimmel surprised everyone with this nice presentation. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is right outside their studio and tomorrow Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker, is getting a star on that Walk of Fame. Luckily, he was right outside preparing and Jimmy was able to say hi: “those here know the Hollywood walk of fame is outside and tomorrow mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker is getting a star on the walk of fame. We are fortunate enough to have him outside the theater right now. just wanted to send congratulations. mark? mark?…

  • International Women’s Day & More

    International Women’s Day & More

    Around The World News Of Today Today is International Women’s Day, I couldn’t let some news about it go unnoticed  😉 Here’s What Lithuanian Police Officers Did On International Women’s Day, And Women’s Reactions Say It All Boredpanda explains why police officers in Lithuania are pulling over selected drivers, the female drivers. it is a really interesting idea and concept, congratulations to Lithuanian police officers: Lithuanian police officers are pulling over female drivers even though they did nothing wrong. But today is probably the only day of the year when the ladies love it. Just like in the past, the cops of this tiny European country are bringing flowers to the streets to…

  • Meltdown & Spectre - Hardware Red Alert
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    Meltdown & Spectre – Hardware Red Alert

    The vulnerabilities discovered by Google’s Project Zero (GPZ) on a set of flaws in CPU architectures that create two kinds of exposures were recently announced and took the hardware world by storm. While under embargo until next week, it is now known that the failings had been already reported by researchers to CPU manufacturers Intel, AMD and ARM since June 2017. We start the 2018 year of with what is probably one of the biggest findings in security vulnerabilities affecting past hardware, specifically, most Intel chip processors from around 1995 forward. That was the year where optimizations were put in place in the processors themselves to improve performance. Meltdown and…

  • Net Neutrality And Freedom Lost
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    Net Neutrality And Freedom Lost

    This subject shouldn’t be in the news in the year 2017, but seems the internet and its freedom, despite all the advancements it provides to business and general spreading of information, gets under attack from time to time, revealing scrupulous ways some business attempt to control and do… more business. In the end at the cost of the final consumer – us. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments regulating the Internet must treat all data on the Internet the same, not discriminate or charge differentiated by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication.“ Web…

  • "Planet 10" Before "Planet 9”?
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    “Planet 10” Before “Planet 9”?

    Astronomers are nicknaming a “Planet 10” before even finding a “Planet 9”. The reports are based on the study of gravitational influences on objects in the Kuiper belt. Around 600 objects were tracked in a different plane of the solar system main 8 planets, their different orbits might be imposed by an object the mass of the Earth orbiting the Sun at around 5 billion kilometers away. This put “Planet 10” way closer than the previously announced “Planet 9”, leading to even more confusion. Beyond Neptune there is a lot of material, called the Kuiper belt. There has been discovered bodies with enough mass to be considered dwarf planets, like…