• The Energy Of Nothing

    The Energy Of Nothing

    As per Minecraft Wiki, even a game which can be anything seems to struggle with the concept of nothing. Air is a block used to represent unoccupied spaces, it can only be destroyed or created by the placement or removal of other blocks, that is the definition of air. Just take a look at some of the game’s past patch nodes, air is now internally a block and can’t be kept in the inventory. It has a missing texture, therefore, cannot be kept in the inventory anymore, but it’s internally still handled as a block. The game cannot decide whether air exists or not, but clearly, it plays an important…

  • Rogue Planet Earth

    Rogue Planet Earth

    One thing that isn’t too often thought about regarding the end of the earth is that getting baked or even swallowed by the sun are not the only possibilities. In previous articles, I’ve read of the possibilities of what we might do to prevent earth’s end billions of years from now if we’re still around. But if we aren’t, or choose not to save the earth, there is one possibility that has a particularly interesting potential outcome in the far future. In a 2000 paper by Greg Laughlin and Fred C. Adams report that there is a chance, albeit a diminishing small one, that a passing star could gravitationally disrupt…

  • The Super-Massive Motion Of Galaxies

    The Super-Massive Motion Of Galaxies

    Where exactly our own Milky Way and nearby galaxies are actually moving and where they might end up in the next few billion years? Every major simulation that I’ve used has one problem, it’s very difficult for us to imagine motions of galaxies, as a matter of fact, I cannot think of a single simulation or a single video game even where galactic motion is presented at all. We’re often presented with what we usually imagine when we think of a galaxy. Now because of these spiral arms that we see in the Milky Way, we can also imagine that it’s actually spinning, and this is really as far as…

  • Near Future Humanity Progress In Space

    Near Future Humanity Progress In Space

    It seems like there’s always some new mission announcement or groundbreaking discovery on space exploration, but many times we never seem to hear anything more about it. Usually it’s because planning for and executing missions in outer space takes a huge amount of preparation, it’s not uncommon to hear about a proposed mission 5, 10, even 20 years in advance, that being said, we do have some fascinating and exciting space missions lined up over the next few years and decades. Let’s take a look at what’s next for space exploration starting with the nearest upcoming event. In March 2018 NASA launch their transiting exoplanet survey satellite or Tess. Tess’s…

  • Niven Rings And Dyson Spheres - Alien Energy Sources?

    Niven Rings And Dyson Spheres – Alien Energy Sources?

    One of the most alluring concepts in futurism and science fiction is that of the Dyson Sphere, where 100 percent of a star’s energy can be harvested by encasing it inside a technological shell. While seemingly feasible variants of this concept exist, such as a Dyson Swarm where the star is not fully encased but instead has thousands of energy collectors and habitats orbiting around it, the original idea of a full-on Dyson Sphere itself may not be possible in practice. Building a complete shell would be a truly titanic undertaking, and it’s unclear if the engineering needed for that is really within the realm of possibility. But there’s another…

  • What It Is To Be Human

    What It Is To Be Human

    The concept it’s claimed that a philosophical theory of everything would help us understand ourselves and our race to a greater extent than ever before, conflict resolution, creativity, desire, the causes and effects of such things would be permanently exposed, allowing humanity to move beyond our instinctive responses to create a more thoughtful Society. There is a huge question mark over whether such a theory could exist though, considering the subjective nature of most human experiences, nevertheless psychologist Ken Wilber attempted it anyway, with his idea of integral theory. This framework attempts to pull together all human knowledge and experience and place it into a four-quadrant grid. It begins with…

  • The Next Space Station - LOP-G

    The Next Space Station – LOP-G

    Goodbye deep-space gateway, hello LOP-G. Now just in case you’re wondering what I’m going on about, this is the news that the next Space Station, the one to replace the ISS, has had a bit of a makeover and will now be called the lunar orbital platform gateway, or LOP-G instead of a deep-space gateway. The most expensive object ever built was the International Space Station, which combining launch assembly, maintenance, and contributions from Russia, Europe, Japan and Canada, has so far cost more than a hundred and fifty billion u.s. dollars. Using that price tag if we assume that the ISS has had some 20,000 days from 2000 to…

  • You Are Just A Number - The Algorithm Era

    You Are Just A Number – The Algorithm Era

    Have you ever called a customer support line and heard the phrase “this call may be recorded for training and Quality Assurance purposes”? Well the truth is your recorded phone call will most likely never be used for training, an extremely small number of calls actually are, so why are all these companies recording millions of phone calls on a daily basis data? All these recorded phone calls are automatically sent to companies that develop algorithms, as soon as you hang up the phone your conversation is being analyzed by computer code. Such companies have developed intelligent machine learning algorithms that analyze billions of phone conversations every single day, sent…

  • The Stephen Hawking Legacy

    The Stephen Hawking Legacy

    He was perhaps the greatest genius of our time. Stephen Hawking peered behind the curtain of reality and glimpsed the true workings of the universe, he inspired all of us to pursue our curiosity no matter the obstacles. However, his true legacy is his work. He made profound contributions across physics from quantum theory to cosmology. Our tribute is to bring you Stephen Hawking’s most famous discovery. Soon after Einstein revealed his great general theory of relativity in 1915, physicists realized that allowed for the possibility of a catastrophic gravitational collapse in places of extreme density, like the dead core of a massive star. Space and time could be dragged…

  • The Brief Coffee Introduction

    The Brief Coffee Introduction

    Like me, do you love coffee? Are you able to go through an afternoon without a cup of your favored drink? Coffee, as we are aware of it these days, is incomparable to when it was first discovered. In recent times there are such a lot of forms of gourmet espresso that it is hard to select a personal favorite one. What really Is gourmet coffee? A cup of gourmet coffee is a rather new concept. Gourmand espresso is generally best crafted from Arabica beans, that are commonly the espresso beans with the fullest flavors. The overall common jar of coffee that you purchase in supermarkets is made by the…