Deadpool 2 - Movie Review

Deadpool 2 – Movie Review

I do not consider Deadpool the most successful film in the world.

About 2 years ago I had an attempt to write a review that I thought it would brought into the table very different opinions.

My opinion on “Deadpool” has therefore not changed. Deadpool was a wonderful figure for me, but caught up in a boring origins story.

Now comes the week of the long-awaited “Deadpool 2” in the cinema. Many are curious if the successor wins against the predecessor.

With David Leitch, who is actually stuntman, a brand new director was found. That’s an interesting, great choice. He has worked on films like “Atomic Blonde” and “John Wick”.

The scriptwriters are with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, theese same stayed, only this time also main actor Ryan Reynolds worked on the screenplay. Already last year the film was on everyone’s lips, because at the shooting a stunt woman named Joi Harris died in a stunt on a motorcycle.

The finished film has the same sense of humor that runs through the first part and you should not want to know much about the plot. Therefore, I quote the cool press release, which appeared to the plot of the film: Barista Wade Wilson has no sense of taste, because he almost died in a cattle attack. But he wants the hottest bartender to become the fictitious sitcom city of Mayberry.

In search of a taste for life must Wade fight against Ninja, the Yakuza and sexually aggressive rabbits, to learn the importance of family, friendship and taste. Right in the first shot, the movie shows that he is once again for an adult audience. For an adult audience that has remained young in spirit.

It is smoked in the first shot. In this movie, it quickly becomes clear “Deadpool 2” hits the same mark as its predecessor. For whom “Deadpool 1” is a welcome change.

He also gets a replenishment in the successor, only this time has been massively refilled in one aspect, who personally disturbed me on the first part: The film plays with the genre and breaks through the fourth wall more often than a movie by Mel Brooks. Without spoiling something, the movie is like a single comment on the superhero genre.

So Wade Wilson regularly talks about “Logan”, on the box office results of the first part, about the Extended Universe by DC, about “Star Wars,” “X-Men,” Disney, and more.

The biggest innovation captivates in the cast: Josh Brolin plays the big one Counterpart of Deadpool, namely Cable. The actor is currently on everyone’s lips as Thanos from “Avengers: Infinity War”. The man has with films such as “Sicario”, “No Country for Old Men” and the current “No Way Out” proved several times, what a terrific actor is in him.

Deadpool 2 - Movie Review

Also in “Deadpool 2” he proves what a engaging personality he is. With his piercing eyes, his massive physique and his robust style, he manages it without problems to take the whole canvas.

In 2016, Brad Pitt was talking about the role of Cable. Brolin does not makes us miss the superstar at any time. Also TJMiller is back with the party. I do not want to comment on that because hardly an actor in the last 1-2 years so blatantly managed to become unsympathetic. What makes “Deadpool 2” so special for me by and large, is the very successful script.

I go so far as to say that “Deadpool 2” does all that what I wanted from the first movie. This film captivates with so many meta-commentaries on the film industry, to superheroes and the movie itself, like Deadpool talks a lot about the movie he’s in right now that the movie has completely mesmerized me from the first to the last second. That Deadpool talking about himself, about the movie he’s in, is called cinematic self-reflexivity.

Because this self-reflexivity in so many places worked into the script, many jokes work, because they come so surprisingly that you are tied up the whole time. The jokes look more elaborate, more creative and special than in Part 1. But not only that, the action scenes are in a good mood. I can not find any information about the film’s production costs. The film had the working title “Love Machine” and there are rumors that the budget should not have been much higher than in the predecessor. All the more amazing is that the CGI, the computer effects, are so successful.

The spectacular action scenes look great. Also Cables CGI arm is fantastically implemented and at no time feels like a foreign body. Also the camera work and the pictures were even more successful for my aesthetic feeling than in Part 1. Cinematographer Ken Seng was replaced in the sequel with Jonathan Sela, a good colleague of director David Leitch. Keeping in mind that the two are the crazed predecessor movie “Atomic Blonde” and the fantastic “John Wick”, then you see that the cameraman is the right variety for “Deadpool 2” was.

In one point, the film sets to the classic sequel principle: bigger, more and more. There is actually a higher gag density, but fortunately it was very much taken care that the gags ignite. I had to laugh amazingly often. There will of course be spectators who say that they had a lot more fun with the first part and that the 2nd part is off against the first one. That’s not the case with my cinematic feeling. The jokes are cleverer, the action keeps the viewer much more at the bar and the gags have toughness even a shovel on it. The scenes are short, get to the point quickly and are pervaded with such devious acts of action, that the movie remains entertaining until the end.

In fact, this movie has for me rather like the comics felt than the first part. In “Deadpool 2” Deadpool speaks even more often about the basic principles of script writing and leads the viewer through the movie. And yes, conclusion: I liked “Deadpool 2” incredibly well. That’s why I want to give the movie 8 out of 10 points. No, that’s not a reaction to the hate of the first review. Not only that, in “Deadpool 2” clever and surprising gags are found in high density. Also in detail and in hidden little corners there were countless Easter Eggs and I find they have surpassed themselves again with the intro. I felt wonderfully entertained and for the first time had the feeling to have seen a modern Mel Brooks. Almost the “Spaceballs” of the year 2018. “Deadpool 2” has fulfilled all this for me, what I was hoping for from a Deadpool movie.

Deadpool 2 - Movie Review

All that I missed in Part 1 I found here. The soundtrack was interchangeable, that’s what the soundtrack was for and the choice of songs scary succeeded. Whether A-ha, Air Supply or the title song “Ashes” by Celine Dion, the musical accompaniment is even more pointed, faster and just hornier than in Part 1. I would recommend anyone to stay with the credits and hear the Deadpool song. In the end, I’m really looking forward to having “Deadpool 2” a second one and maybe third time to see.

The gags were better and for me the movie was more than just a classic fan service, because they have something on every corner. Nevertheless, he was close to the spirit of the original. But as I said, I found the movie more creative, cleverer and more compelling.

Score: 9/10


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