Destiny 2 - Review

Destiny 2 – Game Review

As I was getting into Destiny 2, I was looking at its lore and expecting a good expansion on it.

The story doesn’t get deeper, unfortunately. No increased human relationships and the ability to strive in wartime are portrayed in very little cut-scenes. Rapidly forgettable or pass into oblivion amidst the remaining missions.

The voice actors and their performance are remarkable. The same can’t be said about the script, its bad and at times a collection of low-class cliches bringing a surprising lore down to directionless boring cut-scenes.

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The character creation doesn’t bring anything new worth to mention. And the way you are placed into the action feels rushed right in the beginning.

The vertex, pixel and lighting effects are top notch. The same can’t be said about the textures. Along the progression you will see good textures, with awesome applied effects, contrasting with some low-resolution ones, sometimes reaching the point of immersion breaking.

The campaign is very fast and will be deemed too easy for many, with repetitive characters and empty in emotional immersion. That will weight a lot when comparing to all the games available in the market against Destiny 2. And it will likely make it fail to engage more fans to the series.

Enemies don’t seem to interact differently from the first Destiny counterparts. The A.I. behaves seemingly like the earlier title. At times I felt I was not seeing a different enemy, just a copy of the past.

The game design is good, the loot is awesome. Feels improved but not upgraded from the earlier Destiny. In fact, many details are just a noticeable copy-paste and tweaked into a different look. In the end, the substance doesn’t change, since you don’t find anything usefully new in its content.

Boring load screens are over, going on orbit between missions is gone and improved, music is epic giving a powerful mood in addition to overall details improvements gameplay-wise. Although music placement and its trigger can bring a little discomfort sometimes.

It tries to please and be a fun time, and it is, but I am afraid it will be a fast, forgettable experience for many as soon new titles are released in the same style.

Especially this time of the year.

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I played through to get the just the superficial feeling of a player that is not a fan of the Destiny franchise, but a fan of action games. Plenty of gameplays around to help you decide if it is the game for you.

Is Destiny 2 better than Destiny 1? Yes, especially if you enjoyed playing the earlier. Is it worth for buying it for first-time comers? If you go with a clear mind and forget the over-hype about this franchise, you will enjoy the clans, quests, and adventures.

The classes and the bosses are fun, although with nothing new due to lore not being expanded, bringing the Deja-vu sensation in the middle game. Taking the risk of feeling a boring chore fast, and some objectives felt like a dumbed down version of other games based on loot.

Some games feel unfinished, but Destiny 2 feels that you couldn’t really do much more about it. Maybe a short sequel improving the original.

I had no technical issues and was a fun experience overall.

Score 7/10