Druadan Forest The Lost Dimension

Druadan Forest: The Lost Dimension – Album Review


1. Intro – Dreams Upon a Crimson Dawn
2. The Shadowborn
3. Quiet Reveries in Endless Sleep
4. Dragons of Forgotten Times
5. Beyond the Sun, Beyond The Moon
6. Plaintive Winds Swept Through Forgotten Battlefields

Druadan Forest The Lost Dimension


The splendidly dense and fantastic 38-minute-long artful tracks are all in one behemoth momentous.

The world-class perfect work of art serves as the perfect first light of thought into what is expected inside the package, and it doesn’t disappoint at all.

Other Ambient Metal groups use comparative cover presentations, so the eerie sceneries cover used shines in being the principal entrance door to lift curiosity.

Well done.

At first eavesdrop, The Lost Dimension re-elevates epic ambient importance, it doesn’t wander further from the more profound Ambient Metal collections to date.

One investment you might need to make is that with such a great amount of profound work, in synth layers and guitar nuances, it takes some time and attention to realize the value of this whole album.

Usually, this is the aiming of every Ambient Metal collection of tracks.

The Lost Dimension is the epic vision and performance venture made by Finland V-Khaoz.

This broad songwriting aptitude sends you on a fantasy trip, creating a portion of the style’s most sought-after imaginative worlds.

Druadan Forest The Lost Dimension (2)

There are no fixed style contracts overall, we are left with the band’s selected music writing, in spite of the fact that during some moments of some songs this work tries to push it a bit further, which is not bad at all. Like purposely upgrading its own listener expectations.

Created and performed by only one artist, all of the recorded musical components consolidate themselves around the climate created from start to finish.

I am happy to have found this collection of songs, noteworthy enough for a good review. emanates the impression of a genuinely endeavoring fantasy epic metal to satisfy most of Atmospheric Black Metal fans.

Line-up / Musicians


Genre: Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DruadanForest

Bandcamp: https://druadanforest.bandcamp.com

Label: Wolfspell Records

Score: 8/10

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