Dzö-nga - The Sachem's Tales

Dzö-nga – The Sachem’s Tales – Album Review


1. Midewiwin Lodge

2. To the Great Salt Water

3. The Wolves Fell Quiet

4. Halle Ravine

5. Against the Northern Wind

6. A Seventh Age of Fire

7. The Witching Meadow

The Sachem's Tales


I wouldn’t tell by the name that this band is coming from Boston. And I didn’t really care until their music made me look it up and got me hooked until the end of the album.

An excellent craft of atmospheric metal, expect great desolate musical ambiances (rain, pianos, acoustic guitars) intertwined with some pretty vocals, somewhat drowned and mixed in the guitar sound. Not a bad thing for this style anyways.

The Sachem’s Tales is an amazing work of solid, agonizing and intense feelings cutting black metal. Behind the music there lies a melodic agreement with the guitars and the synthesizer sounds, kind of giving a counterpoint to each, but all joining in the end for fantastic melodic landscapes.

From worlds of mythologies and legends, the lyrics never saturate, even on the predictable despair of the clean female voice and strings moments.

Cryvas, session drummer Aaron Maloney and vocalist Grushenka Ødegård build up a dark metal adventure including several melodic instruments and different styles, alluring even those who are not much into these musical wanderings.

The band yields its name from a Himalayan divinity, in case you wondering.

All songs match perfectly one after the other, guiding us to the end of the album in a natural way, an unpretentious album to a collection that already predicted a future unhindered of tales and distinct sounds to this band.


Atmospheric Black Metal

Band Members:

Cryvas: Multi-Instruments

Session Drummer: Aaron Maloney

Female Vocalist: Grushenka Ødegård



Avantgarde Music

Score: 8/10