Earth - The Evil That Man Do

Earth – The Evil That Man Do

By the time you finish reading this small article, More than 100 thousand trees will be cut down

More than 5-thousand-pound trash will be thrown into the sea, More than 1500 animals will die because of our thrash

More than 300 million pounds of pollution will be thrown into the air, 1-3 animal or plant species will go extinct

All because of human activity.

The climate is changing rapidly now

According to NASA, global temperature is increased by 0.85C since 1880, If we keep going this way, humanity won’t survive for long.

“Global Warming can’t be stopped it’s happening on a global scale, what we can do is reduce it’s effect.

Here’s a few things we can do to mitigate the effects of global warming,

If we could do so, that would be a great help to mother nature.”


We recognize that sun energy is a good renewable energy resource and that we need to begin to make use of it more specifically while the Earth’s fossil gas reserves are slowly dwindling and could run out in 30 to 50 years. We better examine the various alternative energies and start a fast monitoring of improvement to hasten our independence on non-renewable fossil fuels. And solar energy is as desirable as any other alternative power resource available. However, numerous arguments against solar energy have been raised over the years. But possibly the most convincing argument is the high prices of solar energy usage.

The problem with solar power is that you could only harness it in the course of the daylight hours. And even when the sun is up, the sunlight might be interrupted by occasional cloud covers, rains, fog, or even smog. So in an effort to harness the solar’s power we want equipment which could get as lots solar energy as possible at a given time, and we need some way of storing that electricity, so we can use them without any interruptions.

We do have the technology to harness the solar’s energy, convert it into usable power, and save them for future use. And that technology itself is the number one reason why sun energy has not stuck on even these days. The process of creating sun panels as well as the technology for storing that harnessed energy continues to be pretty luxurious.

The best thing about this truth today is that due to the current growth within the prices of fuel and gas, solar energy is no longer a far-fetched opportunity. The gap among the prices has long gone down considerably and hopefully within the near future, the expenses of sun power production can be pretty competitive.

Moreover, the costs of photovoltaic cells are certainly pretty costly that modern-day oil and gasoline system. But certainly one of the flaws of the argument of prices is that human beings have a tendency to restrict their attitude of solar energy as to most effective relating to photovoltaic cells. There are different means of harnessing solar power and not all of them are as highly-priced as PV cell production.

One way of having the sun’s power and changing it into usable energy is the concept of solar thermal plants. In solar thermal technology, diverse solar collectors are utilized to generate heat which may be applied from the most effective heating and air flow of homes to the production of large amounts of energy. The usage of mirrors or lenses to reflect sunlight to towers geared up with liquids that heat up and produce steam. The steam then turns generators which in turn generates the energy needed.

The method adds another step in comparison to photovoltaics which converts solar electricity without delay into electricity. Though, sun thermal systems of energy production is less expensive that the manufacturing of PV cells. For a bigger consumer marketplace, it seems that solar thermal energy is the way to go.

Earth - The Evil That Man Do

Regardless, the factor here actually is to emphasize that sun power has more to provide. The value of production is a valid argument against sun energy but nevertheless there are methods around it. expenses can be minimized by means of using different strategies of harnessing solar electricity or future tendencies within the field of science and technology will produce machines which might be more cost-efficient that what are available these days.