Erebos - The Light in My Darkness

Erebos – The Light In My Darkness – Album Review


  1. Long Before Elves Awoke
  2. Halls of Mandos
  3. Darkening of Valinor
  4. The Light in My Darkness

Erebos - The Light in My Darkness (2)


Tolkien labor of love, the profound Middle-Earth mythology which Erebos is a long-time fan, is the base of The Light in My Darkness, a spectacular instrumental adventure of the senses.

This collection, recorded in Paterek, Poland amid the spring of 2017, comes two months after the presentation “Nan iChir Gelair Mordor”, and couldn’t be better even for the casual listener.

Black, dark, darker, darkly. From the Piano beginning, the ambient synth melodies make you turn the volume up and dive into Erebos sonic landscape, a somewhat complex atmospheric metal with the expected keyboards and (almost) acoustic guitars, joining themselves in a beautiful dark ambient metal masterpiece.

It’s an instrumental, which in part makes easy to appreciate all the atmosphere created, avoiding the blasts during vocals that many bands use as a band-aid for extended timing and female/clean voices to balance the final work.

Erebos doesn’t use any of those techniques, it’s all pure music from start to end. It wants you to stay inside the album without distractions, and they really achieved it, took the risk, but got it right.



Atmospheric Instrumental Black Metal

Band Members: Dariusz Łukasik – Multi-Instruments


Label: Independent

Score: 9/10