Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Windows Version Review

Here is my Final Fantasy XV Windows version review, to give you the insight into the most important factor regarding the game.

Originally released in November 2016 for the PS4 Final Fantasy XV has finally made its way onto the PC, bringing with it all the DLCs the ps4 version got so far, both free and paid, meaning that when you buy the game for its asking price of 35 pounds here in the UK, which is slightly below full retail value for a triple-A game, you get everything that it has to offer with no further purchases necessary.

This is also a definitive edition as well as a PC port. Final Fantasy XV presents itself as a final fantasy for fans and first-timers, it even says so as soon as you open the game, which is an interesting and bold proposal giving the franchise’s tumultuous history.

I’ve played and completed every single numbered entry in the series including Final Fantasy XV on the ps4. I actually agree with this presentation, there’s a lot of Final Fantasy there, including a huge amount of nods to the previous games in the series that long-term fans will love but, there are so much new and so many core systems redesigned that it really does feel like an almost complete reboot of the franchise.

Is actually an excellent place to jump in compared to the pretty disastrous Final Fantasy 13 era.

Final Fantasy 15 is an RPG that places you in the shoes of Prince Noctis and his three companions.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Version ReviewFinal Fantasy XV Windows Version ReviewFinal Fantasy XV Windows Version Review

Unlike Final Fantasy tradition, these companions are not trickled into the story as a cause unites them, but rather a group of long-term friends which actually solidifies the game’s theme. If you can get over the j-pop boysband aesthetic and see the characters within the group.

Actually, their bonds really do feel realistic, I’ve rarely played an RPG where my party felt like more of a cohesive unit than this, which is an undervalued asset to this game. Taking part in the open world is a huge emphasis placed on exploration, drive around in your car, the regalia, which I promise isn’t as awful as it sounds.

The environment was actually a genuine pleasure to explore especially with the game’s thread of real time.

The roads become dangerous and home to friends at night, and planning your travel and fuel for long trips is actually a real aspect of the game. however, when doing this in the PC version, the pleasure is renewed, environments suddenly pop with whole new levels of detailed dynamic.

Final Fantasy XV

Better Sunshafts and shadows, improved foliage amounts and better textures, and so much more. The world is truly beautiful and this was already a fantastic looking game. It is so rare in an RPG for a trip from the quest giver to the quest location, where the adventure takes place, to be an actually joyful part of the experience.

But in Final Fantasy 15, and especially in this PC version, I couldn’t wait to get back to cruising in the regalia, and the times between activities actually became some of my favorite parts in the game even on the ps4.

Now it’s even more, so adding to this, the more you traveled the more the companions fill out details of their bonds. Each companions quirk becomes evident through conversation as it flows naturally during travel.

Sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever sit inside that beautiful car again, and Final Fantasy 15 is genuinely a game that the more time you take, the more you’ll get immersed into the world.

Naturally, there’s a ton of side quests, hidden dungeons, optional bosses and tons of loot to drive your exploration, but really, this game is about the journey and not the destination.

The world itself swaps Final Fantasies, often high-tech futuristic aspects such as the airships, common throughout the series, for a more Americana inspired muscle cars and diners setting on the road.

Although the towns are more Europe in their appearance, the result is a Final Fantasy game that feels closer to our world than ever, and perhaps, this actually suddenly helps make the characters bonds more reliable.

Every character in your party is a human which is a pretty big rarity.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Version ReviewFinal Fantasy XV Windows Version ReviewFinal Fantasy XV Windows Version Review

It probably goes back to Final Fantasy 8 to see that, and it really does help, it sort of makes things more realistic. You’ve noticed of course such an off-the-wall fantasy setting, the idea of cruising around in a car.

Now for the experience, I wish it was perfect, but there are several awkward points about the game that make it a certainly flawed experience.

The game had a difficult development cycle, if you look at its history, with departures and what not, and this is evidently visible as the game fundamentally changes pace and direction in the second half.

I endeavored to keep my review spoiler free, which is why I’m talking only overall the narrative.

However, it abandons the open-world idea later on, while it is still able to be revisited whenever you’d like. The first half of the game is the best, there’s even an excruciating sort of stealth solo section in the latter half that is quite an infamous aspect of the game and has been the bane of many. And this section lasts a few hours so, enjoy your time in the Sun with the boys while it lasts because in the second half the game definitely does dip.

There are still stunning settings and great moments, but the game is definitely of a diminishing quality in the second half, especially as it doesn’t play to the strengths of the game, which is the bond between the party and the world around you.

Final Fantasy 15s real-time fights are, I would say, the best real-time combat we’ve seen in a Final Fantasy game. It is much more fluid and it just flows better. It does work as a good combat system, however, I had issues with it on the PS4 that have actually been eliminated in the PC version.

it’s simply beautiful flying around the screen using Noctis’s warp ability and fast rate combos with a multitude of different weapons available.

Graphical improvements aside, one of the main things the PC version really benefits is the combat at higher framerate, is just what it was designed for it, looks pretty janky on 30fps but once everything’s smoothed out you can see in higher fidelity all the action going on.

Final Fantasy XV

It is so much more enjoyable, and while I do notice a few frame drops in a couple of intense scenes, for the most part, the port seems pretty well optimized and I stood at a pretty steady high frame rate.

The game is likable, it is a game that you’ll find very endearing. You will get frustrated with it as it progresses but you know, just because you get angry at something doesn’t mean you don’t love it, and I do love this game.