Games for December 2017

Games for December 2017

A list of my chosen games for this December, not that I will play all of them, just think many will want to keep an eye open for their release and make your own analysis.

A lot more to come into the mix but they didn’t sparked my curiosity enough, at least, so far.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

A detailed world providing content creators a lot of vehicles, weapons & assets for players use in their own mods. A promising game using the Unreal Engine.

Brendan Greene is the pioneer of the Battle Royale genre game-mode on the ARMA game series and creative director at Bluehole.

Genre: Massively Multiplayer Action Adventure

Developer: PUBG Corporation, Publisher: PUBG Corporation



Based on old click strategy games with updated mechanics. Very addictive gameplay concept.

The graphics look great and will certainly please fans of the genre. Like almost all passing time games, might get too repetitive for those not into this style.

Genre: Adventure Strategy

Developer: Foggybus, Publisher: Jetdogs Studios


Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package

The latest version of this game includes upcoming updates, over a dozen outfits, special Capcom characters attacks, downloadable costumes and weapons and additional single player content.

It features bonus content and multiplayer action too!

Developer: Capcom


Destiny 2 Expansion I: Curse of Osiris

Mercury is your new destination, journey through time and space with new missions and adventures to learn the secrets of Osiris.

Features new weapons, armor and new multiplayer arenas.

Developer: Bungie


The Surge: A Walk in the Park

A devastated park is a death trap challenge, where insane and robotic mascots patiently wait for a deadly welcome.

Discover secret paths and customize your way to survive the various treats until you face the final boss.

Genre: RPG

Developer: Deck13, Publisher: Focus Home Interactive


Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Search the ultimate paradise for humanity – Elysium, on a whole new world whit the last remnants of civilization, and new characters. A role-playing game an open world with day / night time cycle and seamlessly interconnected environments.

Developer: Monolith Soft, Publisher: Nintendo

Have fun!