Gravastar – Alternate Gravitational Vacuum In Space-Time

The name chosen by John Wheeler for the gravitational pull of a region of space so strong not even light can escape was coined a black hole.

Unfortunately this name also brings up a lots of confusion about what the type of object really is and how it behaves.

As always in science, different human minds are at work, there are always those who question the theories and throw something new to the table that makes us think about.

An alternative to the black hole theory by Pawel O. Mazur and Emil Mottola assumes limits and conditions that were not taken into account or just didn’t existed when black holes were theorized and given name.


By incorporating quantum mechanics, Mazur and Mottola want to bring up to date the theoretical objects (they were never observed, only its effects). The black hole name is likely to stay for now, but we can not conclusively say this object behaves as being a black hole or some other exotic object.

The proposed alternative to black holes is called a Gravastar, a dense ball of matter inflated by a core of dark energy.

An object that instead of being governed by neutrons or electrons, it is governed by bosons.

Gravastar - Alternate Gravitational Vacuum In Space-TimeGravastar - Alternate Gravitational Vacuum In Space-TimeGravastar - Alternate Gravitational Vacuum In Space-Time

Gravastar means “Gravitational Vacuum Condensate Star,” which in theory is an extension of the Bose-Einstein Condensate as a part of its gravitational system. for now, it is meant to stand as an alternative to black holes until further observations, tests or different theories.

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