Intel with AMD inside

Intel and AMD Together on Graphics

Latest news on Intel and AMD, they going to work together!

Recently announced by Intel, their future processors will include the AMD Radeon graphics, spreading the Radeon Inside alongside Intel logo.

Intel’s graphics have been very problematic, the infamous 4000 series embedded in many motherboards was, technically speaking, a failure from what the company was expecting to give the final user.

It seemed unlikely to get anything like this after latest the processor rivalry, but the 8th Intel processor generation will feature the AMD integrated graphics.

This infinity fabric of AMD and its HBM2 weighted in the decision of Intel, easier to implement with intel multi-die interconnect bridge.

Intel EMIB technology will be used to provide high density and bandwidth for the interconnections.

This technology allows multi-chip to connect the Radeon GPU and the Intel CPU, leveraging the Intel processor power with AMD’s graphics and their increased bandwidth HBM2 memory used.

Even the APU’s coming from AMD won’t even use the HBM2 memory, they chose DDR4 system memory.

Intel with AMD inside

Total graphics market share is still on Intel side since Intel’s graphics are used through many mobile devices with integrated graphics. This means AMD will get a huge piece of a marketplace where it didn’t sell as many cards since 2016 when Nvidia jumped ahead and still stays there to this day.

Intel can now increase its consumer trust for gaming hardware support, calling a crucial piece of the market that loves their processors but won’t ever play it intel’s own graphics technology. No notice as of yet about the future of integrated Intel graphics, is AMD replacing it all or some series will still be built and stay around as a cheap option?

In the end, this is a win-win business deal, with both companies getting a piece of the market both couldn’t reach before. With every Intel mobile machine featuring an AMD graphics inside the psychological choice for buyers during the next year will be greatly enhanced towards AMD graphics.

Nvidia might be the first to feel if it is a good move or not for both AMD and Intel market, if the Radeon solution will be competitive with gaming laptops based on Nvidia products, only the final price might weight on the decision of the final consumer since trust will not play a role unless Nvidia fans would abandon their favorite platform. But that has no reason to happen, Pascal technology is a great graphical consumer gaming platform and every Nvidia user is still very happy even against the AMD Vega releases.

AMD on consoles is expected to be on Microsoft and Sony side (Xbox One and PlayStation 4), with only Nintendo Switch featuring NVIDIA technology. The upcoming Ataribox will also have AMD graphics, but not much is known at this time.