Intel Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X

With all the new X299 chipset and LGA2066, Intel enters the Basin Falls stage.

Alternatives for Ryzen’s X370 chipset, this update for the most part applies to the addition of more cores with grid transport, replacing the old ring one, newly adjusted power profiles, in this case Turbo Boost Max 3.0 —the new power profile intended to keep the CPU in its best execution states.

First online benchmarks show certain workloads at 4.0GHz reaching good percentiles above the 7700K, and a somewhat expected result above the 6950X and 7600K. unfortunately, most claim firmware issues between the processor and actual motherboard chipsets.

About CPU-driven workloads, Intel has enhanced the AVX in Skylake-X, with AVX512´s 32 registers. Other than that, we will see what is Intel’s choice regarding the 6 and 8 core Skylake-X 28 PCIe lanes. GPUs are hungry for performance each passing day.

The $999 Core i9 brings 44 PCIe lanes, let’s expect the firmware is working right by then, and running the 18 cores (36 threads) at a stable 4.5GHz without extraordinary cooling.

I have anticipated the release of Skylake-X after AMD´s Ryzen processors beat the market price of the i5 and i7 Intel processors.

To the announced AMD’s 32-core on the Threadripper range, branded Ryzen 9, Intel comes up with the monster 36-core i9-7980XE, but AMD could be winning just the same due to price/performance choices for final consumers.

processor (2)

I think we will need a good justifiable reason to update to these new processors.

If the CPU would be the bottleneck for gamers, which it is not at this time if you got your updates right, that might become possibly the most important factor for upgrading. However, I don’t see an immense advantage for most gamers upgrading the 4-8 cores to 10 or even 20.


Do we require more than 28 PCIe lanes? For now, I don’t think so.I need to see Skylake-X execution opposed to AMD putting forth 60 PCIe lanes on all Threadripper elements, we don’t know how well they’ll perform or the cost amount for their performance.