Kill Switch - Movie of The Week 242017

Kill Switch – Movie Review


In the future, as the world appears to be bound for an energy calamity, comes Alterplex Corporation with a guarantee for another modernization plan that will help every citizen.

A tower prepared for delivering limitless but unfair energy to an Earth weakened from its non-renewable energy source supply sucked out for human kind sustain.

Will Porter awakens on what he assumes is a substitute Earth. A parallel universe has been made as an alternative wellspring of resources for our drained world, however, something wrong has happened and Will must evaluate the disordered circumstance.

Delivered to this alternative Earth with a strange black box, everyone appears to make it a requirement that it must go back to Alterplex’s main building where the connection between the two worlds, Earth and The Echo, is made through discharges from an enormous tower and shut it down.



Achieving first-person-view in the film, regardless of how so many people panic and label it as a bad movie before giving into it, It’s not a valid review or opinion at best.

To turn a blind eye where the performance makes its purpose able to shine some moments with great outcomes, will otherwise make these movies basically fell neglected as they really try to pull the watcher into it. That is precisely how detached from the entertainment purpose and originality are most of the movies coming out recently.

Will Porter, is a researcher pilot employed by a shady corporation to intercede when an investigation and test of Alterplex energy source goes disastrously inappropriate for the smooth promised work. longing to secure his own family he consents to go up against a rebel mission with a procedure that is never simplified throughout the movie.

Smit draws the structure of a very interesting world, with plenty points of interest and futuristic gadgets. Law executioner robots, police drone planes, trucks, and tanks don’t make Will´s life and work easier, especially after he finds that he is eight kilometers away from the mission objective.


Kill Switch is not constrained to its story that really doesn’t uncover much about the current state of the world they live. After Will acknowledges that Alterplex Energy Corporation has made a parallel world, The Echo, things went even worse after he finds himself inside it. The goal to live this movie through his own vision is at times fulfilling.

Movies have been continually developing ways to get the FPS style the vitality it needs to break the current barriers of an old mentality of movie goers behaving as distant watchers. These movies want you inside the action like any other FPS video game.

It never neglects to express what makes these different motion pictures intriguing, while the sci-fi and special effects are convincing enough.

The plot has some holes that we never get clear throughout the movie, and we are thrown in too soon to be able to tell what is going on, the desire to speed up things towards the substitute earth makes Kill Switch behave like a narrative at times incoherent and a messy exercise that risks dulling the focal point of the character in the story that, now and then, attempts to make sense of why he is there and what his main goal is.

Tim Smit and Kill Switch have left enough thoughts and ideas for another step in the FPS movie genre. There is still a long way to go, the clinical cynical reaction to these movies are still cracks in real insights of the out of ordinary experience we find in a computer game.

Kill Switch gets a shot at the real deal. Don’t be constrained by stuck up irrational seasoned style comparison treats.

Could be a little better, but agreeing with the majority is not for me after trying it with an open mind.

  • Directed By Tim Smit
  • Music composed by Seven League Beats
  • Screenplay: Wouter Van Luijn
  • Story by Charlie Kindinger, Omid Nooshin
  • Cast: Dan Stevens, Berenice Marlohe, Tygo Gernandt, Charity Wakefield, Kasper van Groesen
  • Production: A Lionsgate, Saban Films

Score: 7/10