Kinestetika – The Art of Touch

Another recommendation of something I found while browsing nice music:

You might want to listen to this music while you relax or meditate, it really gets you into another state of mind.

MP3 legal downloads are also available, support the musicians, buy and download their music from their websites:

KINESTETIKA – The Art of Touch (Mix by Kinestetika)

  1. The Ocean Of Love (Chillout Mix)
  2. Edelweiss (Original Mix)
  3. Dreamcatcher (Original Mix)
  4. The Sixth Sense (Original Mix)
  5. Color The World (Original Mix)
  6. Diva (Original Mix)
  7. Galaxy (Chill Out Version)
  8. Magic Sitar (Original Mix)
  9. Wings (Chillout Mix)
  10. The Breath Of Passion (Original Mix)
  11. Green Eyes (Original Mix)
  12. Melody Of My Soul (Original Mix)
  13. Love Message (Original Mix)