Lazerhawk - Dreamrider

Lazerhawk – Dreamrider – Album Review


  1. Neon Dawn 05:22
  2. Cruise 04:23
  3. Feel the Rush Tonight 05:31
  4. Somnus 04:16
  5. Dreamrider 04:58
  6. Hypnic 04:07
  7. Cool Breeze 04:37
  8. Mirror Between Worlds 04:33
  9. REM 05:35
  10. Dream Within a Dream 04:04
  11. Oneiric 04:16
  12. Awakening 05:02
  13. Dreams in the Dusk 04:59

Lazerhawk - Dreamrider (2)


Dreamwave is not the easiest thing to review, let alone diving deep into the style and albums… most unicorns and knights in shiny armor saviors singing happy music is a no go for most Synthwave fans.

Lazerhawk always tried to keep their image and attitude, reflecting it in their musical style.

I confess they do an excellent job, keeping it raw and mature as possible to true Dreamwave.

Of their albums, I notice a lot of different best choices from a lot of different people. Seems this “band” can please a good bunch of Synthwave fans with somewhat different songs.

One thing I found in common is this album – Dreamrider, of their discography, I kept thinking this album will always be mentioned as the top of Garrett Hays “golden age”.

Some music is written to please, other to show the musicians idea, and some for a story and concept work. Dreamrider is all that and more.

This album looks and sounds like it was written and played with a “not-giving-a-damn-about-what-others-think”, it fires hit after hit, not caring about what you think. They are just having a lot of fun playing some of the best Synth songs ever written in the 80´s.

I won’t mention a single song since they all individually are worth to listen, and its hard in the end to choose one over any other.

Dreamrider kicks every album out there from any band that show a couple of good songs and the rest is just “elevator music” soon to be forgotten, it’s impossible to reach the end of this album without staying with a couple songs still playing on your head, resonating all day.


Lazerhawk - Dreamrider (3)


Genre: Dreamwave, Synthwave
Band Members: Garrett Hays


Label: Rosso Corsa Records

Score: 9/10

Lazerhawk – Dreamrider - Album ReviewLazerhawk – Dreamrider - Album ReviewLazerhawk – Dreamrider - Album Review

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