Metal Gear Survive Review

Metal Gear Survive Review

Metal Gear survive starts when all the characters that you know and love are riding away, like speeding out of here, so they don’t have to participate in this game. They are leaving you behind to deal with it.

So the story happens right after the mother base from Metal Gear Phantom Pain gets destroyed, and the portal opens up to another dimension… Then zombies.

That’s it. Who’s responsible? No one, unless you count a cardboard box that gets in the way… Really!

Seems like Konami has an ineptitude of not knowing what to do with one of their last good licenses that they had all this time. Basically, they just took Metal Gear Solid, ripped all the cool story and characters out of it, left just the shell of the game and then added Zombies.

This is literally cashing in on two tired genres that are already losing their luster, the survival genre, which more people are moving to battle royale, and zombie games.

Of all things, It’s like Konami’s remaining creative directors think that this is what’s gonna lend itself well to the next Metal Gear game after Kojima’s exit.

How are you enjoying your Metal Gear Survive experience? What’s there to do? Well… survive.

Metal Gear Survive hates you and everything you stand for. It takes the excellent Fox engine and just tacks on multiple shitty mechanics on top of it to worsen the experience.

How do you take a good engine and a good open-world simulator and make it awful? Well, you start by forcing people to find food, water, and OXYGEN! Yes… oxygen. And you get your oxygen after your sick and tired of looking for food and water.

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Does this sound fun?

Well, I thought at least there’d be some fun in this game somewhere, even if on a minuscule microscopic level, but no. Except for punching animals to take out your frustration. That was pretty fun. And you do get to build a base… Only it has a terrible construction menu.

The game-play is dull, repetitive, and boring. How is the story? Somehow even worse!

When the game opens up, there’s nothing but huge open empty areas that are filled with dirt and an empty game-play with dust fog that makes it even worse, as way-points disappear.

And the levels are just so generic looking that you’re often gonna get lost easily within them.

In combat, it’s not much better, you put fences down and you poke zombies. That’s it. The AI is so brain-dead that they just really don’t know how to go the around to get you.

Every single thing this game has is designed around wasting your time. Do you want to loot an animal? 12 seconds. Do you want to loot a container? 15 seconds.

Do you want to connect to play multiplayer? Mandatory 5 minute wait time. Can you skip it? No.

You don’t even get out of the parallel dimension. You’re stuck inside and the Lord of dust is the final boss.

Metal Gear Solid is dead here, and the future doesn’t really look too bright.

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