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Movie Review – All Nighter

Directed by Gavin Wiesen and written by Seth Owen, All Nighter is a competent movie, and that’s exactly what plays in its favour.

It starts slowly, clearly transmitting the feeling of no pretentious hype.

The introduction to our search for a missing girl by her father and the Ex-boyfriend starts sooner, 7 minutes into the movie and we are already seeing the unexpected duo wondering where Ginnie, played by Analeigh Tipton, might be, after all, calls from her father to her cellphone were not answered and her voice mail says full.

After the initial introduction, expect bar fights, drug addicted characters living in their own world, meet some of the exquisite locations and the people frequenting it, along with house break-ins and police yard chases.

J.K. Simmons is top notch as Mr Gallo, and Emile Hirsch plays the Ex-boyfriend, Martin, in a very subtle way. As the plot grows, Martin pulls us, and Mr Gallo, into his life after Ginnie breakup, slowly gaining the confidence of a seemingly cold Ex. Girlfriend father.

Movie Review - All NighterMovie Review - All NighterMovie Review - All Nighter

The plot is simple, the adventure is more centered on characters than city locations as one could expect from the trailer or plot. There is no presentation or deep info on characters you meet along the way, but they all together paint the final picture of a movie that avoids cheap jokes, takes itself seriously while playing along with the fun ride.

The acting is awesome, and spot on cast choices, that avoid easy friendly characters without first the time and shared experiences takes them that way.

The music by Alec Puro will never get in the way, sounds fun when needed and simple background when the action in centred on the eyes.

Cinematography and art are basic filters with no special effects worth mentioning.

Among many movies overhyped as funny and ending up being just plain boring, with more sounding names than presented in All Nighter, this is a movie you can watch with no expectations whatsoever.

Just take the ride and let these characters show you, in the end, what means to care about someone, even if it is not a part of your family anymore.

I give it a 8 out of 10

Movie Review - All NighterMovie Review - All NighterMovie Review - All Nighter

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