Need For Speed Payback

Need For Speed: Payback for November 2017

Vengeance and Competition

Taking players to the unfavorable black market of Fortune Valley, you’ll need to fight against The House in an energetic mission for vengeance that’ll include a lot of crazy races and cop pursues.

Created by Ghost Games, Need for Speed Payback will set us back on the open streets of the rough terrain activity in the dusty edges of Fortune Valley.

Marcus Nilsson, Executive Producer, portrayed the game as a “driving blockbuster, this is our vision for what driving excitement implies today.”

Payback will take after the topics of retribution and rivalry as the player advances in a progression of thrilling races against story culprits, cops, ruthless opponents, and the sky is the limit from there.

Set in the fantasy district of Fortune Valley, you and your team are united keeping in mind the end goal to render retribution against The House. This malevolent cartel is responsible for the city’s club, crooks and cops; which means you have no place to run and no place to cover up.

We’ll be swapping between three playable characters – Tyler, Mac and Jess – who go up against The House in heists, races and auto-race fights over the city.

EA and designer Ghost Games reported Need for Speed Payback was coming later in 2017.

Need For Speed: Payback for November 2017Need For Speed: Payback for November 2017Need For Speed: Payback for November 2017

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