Ocean's 8 Unnecessary Bad Idea

Ocean’s 8: Unnecessary Bad Idea?

It looks like Hollywood really never learns its lesson, especially when it comes to meddling with current society problematic trends, like the SJW agendas, in their movies.

This time they’re pulling the old trick where they reboot a beloved classic movie that still holds up really well today, and to top things off the real icing on this cake is – its an all-girl remake.

When things should be kept fun and at bay from all the society’s problems, and avoiding sensible people to get triggered, or give them a chance to pick on you or use your work to their advantage, Hollywood is doing exactly the contrary, feeding the troll that will bite their hand after this behavior.

Today we’re talking about Ocean’s 8, the all-female reboot of ocean’s 11 from 2001 that also itself was a remake of the 1960 movie starring Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack friends, so not only is this new all-female Ocean’s 8 a bad idea and unnecessary, it’s also derivative and I’m going to need some really eerie flashbacks to the failed female Ghostbusters of 2016, which was a terrible waste of time, money, and mostly, the involved actresses talent.

I know this cast can be great and hilarious, but Ghostbusters 2016 was just totally bad and that’s why I’m so worried about Oceans 8, I mean, why would Hollywood executives even go through this after Ghostbusters? Do they really think audiences are gonna change their minds and start getting into social justice and this all-girl trend?

Granted, I think Ocean’s 8 still has a better chance of being good, but as the reviews start to pour in it is not sounding too hot so far, looking at some of the early reviews on Twitter it looks like we got the same thing happening in the press that happened when Ghostbusters 2016 came out, most people are saying the movie is good or okay-ish, and they’re really praising the cast more than the story itself.

Some say basically the reviewers are afraid to say it’s bad because if they do, they’ll be labeled as sexist who don’t like the movie because of its females, the same thing that happened to the early reviewers of Ghostbusters – vox.com.

Ocean's 8 Unnecessary Bad Idea

Let’s be honest if you’re gonna see Oceans 8 for its all-star cast, that cast does not disappoint, but with a title on their article saying something even less flattering, Ocean’s 8 proves that a great cast can make up for a middling movie.

This movie doesn’t sound too good to me, I mean I’d still watch it but as I’ve said before in other articles, I watch everything and I’m also not certain if I think this Ocean’s 8 cast is as awesome as people are claiming it is.

It’s definitely not as epic and awesome as George Clooney’s Oceans cast, which included him, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle, Julia Roberts, Bernie Mac, and Andy Garcia. Ocean’s 8 isn’t even close to that, all they’ve got is Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett, and that’s about it. Sure Anne Hathaway and Sarah Paulson could get honorable mentions but the rest of the cast is pretty mediocre or worse. Not a big fan of the rest of the cast at all so, if the cast is the best thing about this movie then that’s not really a great start for Ocean’s 8.

I’m afraid it’s definitely not this amazing awesome cast that can save a bad movie with no good story. Next, the world news network tweets this: Anne Hathaway steals Ocean’s 8. If only the rest was as much fun.

if Anne Hathaway is the best part of your movie and no one mentions a great story, we might have a bit of a problem on our hands, and next we see Metacritic sharing a quote from Vanity Fair which clearly shows it is doing everything that can to not say this movie is awful. The tweet reads something like “there’s no disaster here, no regrettable misfire to be shagged.”

Why even have this long preface? Vanity Fair almost sounded like it felt obligated to like this movie because of the all-girl angle, it’s almost like you’re being biased about it.

I’m getting the feeling it’s far from a perfect movie, but is Oceans 8 is still worth our time?

I don’t think the normal regular movie goer crowd is gonna want to waste their time with this one, maybe some hardcore Oceans fans will like it but that’s about it. When The Wrap says “it’s all amiably slick and charming and funny but the movie never quite kicks in” I get the point why most of these reviews make it sound like it’s a passable movie that has a decent cast and premise in production, but upon watching it ended up being lackluster and that’s just how these reviews sound at face value.

We will see how it holds, the question remains – Is Hollywood taking advantage of society’s current trends and using it as free marketing? Or is just throwing more wood into the fire and feeding the supposed triggered offended non-sense?

Ocean's 8 Unnecessary Bad Idea

To be honest I do not know yet if I want to review this.

I had a big hope for this movie as a fan of the series, but now that I know they are mixing current social problems into their latest films, it will not make me forget the world we are living in and have a good 90 minutes of fantasy time.

Wasn’t that the main reason of going to a movie?