Pacific Rim Uprising Review

Pacific Rim Uprising Review

I just came from the movies after seeing the brand-new Pacific Rim sequel: Pacific Rim Uprising and need to share my review.

To be honest with you, I still have no idea what uprising means in the film.

The first Pacific Rim film was one I quite enjoyed, of course directed by the great Academy award-winning director Guillermo del Toro. This time around we’ve got Steven S. DeKnight behind the camera.

A guy that I really liked is John Boyega who in many ways kind of takes over both the past roles of the previous movie.

He’s the hot young shot gun pilot but at the same time he’s the Pentecost, he’s the voice of authority all at the same time so, the kind of takes on the role of both of those characters.

And John Boyega delivers a captivating set of tools in his acting tool belt. I mean, he’s an excellent actor, he’s quite exceptional but on top of that he’s got a rock esque kind of charisma, like a bit of Dwayne “the rock” Johnson. I’m not saying he’s as charismatic as Dwayne but when you watch this film and others he certainly got that Dwayne Johnson kind of charisma about him to go along with his great acting ability, which makes for a pretty formidable package. And he actually brings all that to his role in Pacific Rim.

Scott Eastwood also pops up in this movie, he is not bad in this film.

However, Pacific Rim uprising isn’t all new cast. There are a couple of returning players including Rinko Kikuchi who plays Mako of course.

She was like the love interest to Charlie in the first film, the adopted daughter of Idris Elba.

Also returning are the scientist duo of Charlie Day as Newton and Burn Gorman as Hermann.

Overall, I found this movie is actually not that good. What this movie does have going for it is when you get into the second part of the third act, when the Jaegers really come out to fight and when the Kaiju come out to fight all stuff that we’ve seen in the trailer.

Basically, all the trailers are just the best parts of the third act.

Pacific Rim Uprising Review

When that scene actually starts to unfold and you start to get that combat it’s a pretty exhilarating, the action is really quite good with the technology and with the monsters.

The fights were exhilarating and it was exciting. Unfortunately, it was such a small part of the movie, and there wasn’t enough of anything else in the movie to carry it on.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t go into Pacific Rim uprising just wanting to see two hours of monsters fighting robots, that’s not about it at all.

But if you’re going to have a big chunk of narrative in the film before you get to the action, make it a good narrative, make it a compelling narrative.

It was so safe and quite frankly, so boring that by the time we got to the big action sets a bit later in the film, I was almost ready to give up.

One of the new lead characters is Amara, played by actress Cailee Spaeny. The film almost lost me right there because you have all the world’s greatest scientists come together to build these Jaegers’s, but there’s this 13 or 14 or 12-year-old girl who built her own Jaeger too.

They don’t explain at all how she did it, she didn’t have any equipment do it, but she builds her own leg Jaeger from scratch, and she’s also a great pilot, all the same time.

Come on, really, don’t get me wrong, Kaylee actually did a pretty good job acting and it’s just that. The character that they wrote was kind of unbelievable.

A positive thing though I’ll save for Pacific Rim uprising is this the villain and the twist, and the two are kind of connected to each other.

I thought it was pretty imaginative and it made sense. It was consistent with everything from the first movie going into the second movie, so the villain and the twist actually are really well planned out and it was one of the highlights of the film for me.

I am not saying Pacific Rim is a terrible movie, it’s not a terrible movie. It’s just not all that good of a movie.

There’s a pretty good villain and twist, there’s some great action once you get towards the end of the film, but the big problem is that for the vast majority of the film you’ve got straight narrative that isn’t particularly good narrative or interesting narrative.

You find yourself bored out near the end of the movie, before you even get to the action, despite the fact that there are some pretty good performances along the way.

Ultimately, I can recommend Pacific Rim uprising. It is not terrible and you may get a kick out of it. But I can’t really enthusiastically endorse it.

Pacific Rim Uprising Review

Director: Steven S. DeKnight

Writers: Steven S. DeKnight, Emily Carmichael

Stars: John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, Cailee Spaeny

Score 6/10