Pure Wrath - Ascetic Eventide

Pure Wrath – Ascetic Eventide – Album Review


  • Colourless Grassland
  • Mountain Calls
  • Clouds Retiring
  • In Cold World
  • Pathetic Fantasies
  • Between Water and Winds


2 years in the works and this work of art is out to an audience of unquestionable requirements, meaning, all supporters of outlandish black metal.

Acoustic and melodic moments interval with an impacting lead discharge that brings the whole work an extraordinary vitality on all tracks, giving the entire album a colossal force with sufficiently crude dynamic.

Pure Wrath made one the best track collections of the year, a genuine articulation of the black metal spirit underlying foundations. Savage, yet fundamental to the style, Ascetic Eventide music mixes different components along contorted guitar rhythms and a serious drumming impact.

Pure Wrath - Ascetic Eventide - Album Review

The music is melodic with Nordic black metal sinister components discharged in a wicked passionate and melancholic songwriting expression.

Pure Wrath is the result of performer Januaryo Hardy closed 4 months in his Insidious Lab studio.

Ascetic Eventide runs just six tunes but feels like a ruthless adventure disintegrating basic harmonies overflowing each the track with an underrated artistic presentation.


atmospheric black metal black

Band Members:

Januaryo Hardy – Multi-Instruments


FB: https://www.facebook.com/purewrath/

BandCamp: https://purewrath.bandcamp.com/

Label: Hitam Kelam Records (Indonesia)

Score: 9/10