Rampage - Movie Review

Rampage – Movie Review

I was lucky enough to go to have a friend at the Hollywood premiere last night at the Microsoft theater, packed with a lot of people.
The rock that was there, all the stars were there, it was a fun time.

Unfortunately, the movie wasn’t so much fun, not saying there isn’t any, there’s a little bit fun on this movie but for the most part, not very good.

I was really hoping The Rock would be the one to make the first, not great but just really enjoyable, video game movie. We had Tomb Raider’s a couple weeks back which wasn’t bad, it was just OK. I was hoping this would just be better than that and just much more fun.

While going to this movie I was going with high expectations, this is the same director who gave us San Andreas with the rock which to me was like a good fun/disaster film.

This one was like a ride that I really enjoyed, the 3D in the movie just felt like almost you’re going through like a theme park ride with the rock, and there’s some family dynamics there, and some of those corny and cheesy related moments, but the overall was fun enough.

I wanted Rampage to be that but a lot better, I wanted it to be fun enough because you got giant creatures destroying buildings. I used to play the old game arcade game rampage, it’s a paper-thin story, just monsters destroying things.

This movie could give us more than that for the most part. I’ll be good to the Rock here, with all that charisma to carry you throughout the story, but the dialogue in this movie is so bad I looked over my friend just thinking this is such a bad dialogue.

I could get that could be fun in certain movies like San Andreas had some really corny moments, but to me, this just felt like cheap sci-fi TV level bad, it didn’t feel like a big studio made this movie at times.

Rampage - Movie Review

When it came to the characters I feel bad because there are some good actors in this film, but the characters have a throwaway feeling. The Rock is the rock and the best thing about this movie is him and the main gorilla the albino gorilla, actually played by a motion-capture actor.

I liked the dynamic those two had, the problem is the movie doesn’t have a lot of that, there’s some in the beginning and some in the end, and then he got Jeffrey Dean Morgan who’s playing something like a cowboy government agent.

Most of the time this movie cuts back on the main action scene, making us thinking “get me back to the monsters please”. And that’s how I felt almost every time we were away from the monsters or a scene featuring the monsters.

There’s not much reason to care about the humans, no sufficient depth. Even the Rock’s character seems ridiculous with the thing he’s got going on. I don’t want to ruin it for you but it’s just nothing much.

He’s trying to help his monkey friend who’s going crazy with these other monsters, and there are times where the characters just stop and start giving this exposition or backstory about where they came from, and every time that happened there was no interest about that at all, just get us back to monster fighting somebody, or breaking something.

Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t have enough of that for me to recommend.

This movie is a good 30-minute monster movie and the rest it is just stuff that does not work for, it was not entertaining, and was cringe-worthy when it came to the dialogue and some of the set pieces.

There are some characters that are introduced in beginning this movie that make us think we will going to have the comic relief for probably most of the fewer action parts of the movie, but then they just disappear after 10 minutes.

Not saying I wanted them in the whole movie, but just makes us feel this movie even more disjointed and messy, and I don’t think the script for Rampage is good either.

I just wish they had input more fun, the movie tried to be too serious at times, and try to give too much backstory to some of these characters where I just didn’t care. We just want to get to the next set piece with the monsters.

And those are pretty cool, like the early scene on in the woods with the wolf or the finale.

I can see some people being able to turn their brain off and just have fun with this movie and some of the monster stuff, but the cringe-worthy boring background and uninteresting moments in-between, just don’t work.

I don’t know if there’s ever going to be good video game movie. I’m still holding my fingers for a Metal Gear Solid movie but they need to give it to a really great director and a great script.

Rampage - Movie Review

Because rampage, the video game, is just you destroying buildings before you die, that’s what this movie does all along to the watcher – a feeling of “watch me before I disappear in memory lane forever”.

I might have liked it a little more if I didn’t expect so much. So, giving it a chance and keep watching those movies.

Score 6/10