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Reality Part 1 – The Color Of Light

The world around us is all our senses can perceive, making sense of electromagnetic waves hitting us on the eyes, the brain decodes colors, air pressure on our ears gives us sound.

There is a limit to our senses, the limit that evolution never cared to focus enough and expand, keeping the human being simple enough so a brain can decode everything around us without wasting too much energy on non-essential data. It kept our senses focused on a tiny length of the electromagnetic spectrum.

There is an external reality, beyond our senses, but because we are made of that reality, we will never reach it or perceive it accurately.

The information coming to our brain is a physical manifestation that allows us to interact with our surroundings but also means we are building our reality as we go.

Would we make any meaning from the data we received from some different living being based on a different way to decode this universe information, having a different perception of reality?

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The source of our perception is a tiny window in the electromagnetic radiation, it’s a linear scale, the three dimension is built inside our head. Everything is built inside our mind. What we know to be violet and blue, or red and infrared, are very similar wavelengths in a gigantic spectrum.

We are not accurate in our perception, but it’s useful for our brain to get results while keeping the energy that would be spent in decoding a bigger truth.
But that also misunderstands our metaphysical authenticity.

The universe seems to behave through existing laws, but more recent science is throwing out the window that everything is what we see and perceive. Realism is getting absurd and naive as you go into deep levels of philosophical inaccuracies.

If you bother to do some investigation you will find quantum physics, which literally calls our brain a falsifier of reality.

There´s no common sense in ordinary science when we know it is us rendering the scene, objects, people, and all else around us that we call physical. How do we know an object is real? We don’t. we just assume it is.

Have you realized that we never looked at what an object really looks like?

Mind bending and non-sense? Well… think this:

We only know what an object looks like by the light that is reflected from it to our eyes. Its colors are the wave spectrum of light that our brain draws in our mind.

So, if we only see the light objects reflect, how will we ever know how everything really looks like?

We are too dependable of light reflection, one might think that in this case, true reality would be completely dark. Well, wrong.

The problem in thinking that reality is dark without light raises more difficult questions, since we already agree that something exists, just not as we see it.

Does our reality exist? Or are our senses rendering it just for us?

I´ll be back on this.