Christina Aguilera Liberation - Album Review

Christina Aguilera: Liberation – Album Review

Christina Aguilera hasn’t released a new album in six years. So basically, an eternity in pop music.

The pop icon started work on Liberation four years ago, coming off the underwhelming reception to 2012 Lotus and right in the thick of her coaching stint on NBC’s The Voice.

Since then, she left the hit singing competition and gave birth to her second child, Summer Rain, with fiance Matthew Rutler.

I’m gonna be reviewing Christina Aguilera’s first songs of the new album — Liberation, I just got it today and I’m very excited to listen to it.

I’m going to listen to a couple of snippets of the songs and see how I feel about her new music she hasn’t released music in a long time, it seems like, so I’m thrilled to see what kind of new sounds she has going forward.

Getting right into it and starting with the first song that’s called “Liberation”, so far I really like the strings action, I think it’s a perfect build up so this is just an intro song to the album, just an instrumental portion, so far I have to say I like the intro song, it’s very cinematic, it makes me feel like it’s a movie and something it’s about to happen so, I like that part.

Now moving on to the next song called “Searching for Maria” — it seems it is just an interlude but going on to the next one we get the one called “Maria”.

I love it this tune, so far my favorite song and it’s a first song of the album where the vocals sound really good with the beats, its good music.

All right so my thoughts on that song — “Maria” so far is the first song and my favorite song, I’m just sharing my opinion and review like little snippets to get the first impression, but even if I heard the whole album that one’s my favorite so far.

Let’s see this one’s called “Sick of Sittin”, love the energy so far I got to say the songs are so well done it makes you wonder why hasn’t she made music in so long and it’s just so it’s so refreshing and satisfying to hear her again.

And it’s excellent, it’s so good I had to look who produced the album while listening to these track examples. This song has a nice blend of rock and pop which I really love and the use of rock fused with it, you get the vintage Cristina sound, so far those two songs are really good.

The next one this is called “Dreamers” and this is another intermission, it is pretty cool.

The next song is called “Fall in Line”, featuring Demi Lovato. This one totally feels like I got it right at first regarding the production, the sound on the album so far is awesome.

Christina Aguilera Liberation - Album Review

This song just takes me back to the next button, so far “Fall in Line” is a nice middle song on an album I think already showed what are going to be my favorites. The pacing and the tempo of the song it’s not too fast, like of settles you into the album.

“Right Moves” featuring Keida and Shenseea, is the next song. I like the beat, this might be another of my favorites, this is a good song I like the way she’s singing to the beat, this is something I will listen in my car.

So far that’s that’s probably another one of my favorites, it is an excellent song I really like the beat on that and like the way Christina sings it.

The next one it’s called “Like I do”, right now we’ve got it different, it’s got a different vibe to it. I think it’s a good middle song in the middle of the album because it’s the most unique of the songs so far. It has such a different sound from the other ones it’s like it takes you in and gives you a different taste of things because you’ve been listening to similar style songs.

Next, a song called “Deserve”, I like how this is building so far when the songs don’t have a lot of things going on with the beat and this is just a simple piano, you can really hear her voice and her vocal sounds top-notch, to me I think is one of her best songs when it’s just like a simple musical piece where you can actually hear a lot more of her vocals, we can appreciate her talent, I have to say these songs are excellent songs.

The album it’s really well-balanced all the production is good with different styles of songs.

This is probably one of the best albums that came out this year so far. And I’m not just saying that because I’m reviewing it literally, I’m so happy she’s done it well, it’s like Christina never left, I’m going over some favorites since I’m impressed with the album.

Maybe I go back and listen to her older albums and compare how like this is one stands up to those, so far this has a lot of new different sounds and vibes which I was hoping for.

Christina Aguilera’s “Liberation” is a satisfying comeback album

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