Scandroid – Scandroid – Album Review


1. 2517
2. Salvation Code
3. Aphelion
4. Shout
5. Destination Unknown
6. Connection
7. DataStream
8. Empty Streets
9. Awakening With You
10. Atom & E.E.V.
11. Neo-Tokyo
12. Pro-bots & Robophobes
13. Eden
14. Singularity
15. Eden (Waveshaper Remix)



In case you miss, or missed, the 80’s synth-wave world-shake movement then you will love this magnificent work. Or if you simply adore great music you will love this.

The electronic music alone is just incredible, nevertheless, the vocals consist of something else added to the mix, making things evolve towards a masterpiece.

This genre just continues showing signs of improvement, getting better and better.

The 72-minute collection portrays a cyberpunk future where society and sentient robots battle to discover their connection in this tragic world.

It’s musically positive and unpretentious blend of sounds that exposes a beautiful mixed natural voice, is not just an adoration letter to the 80s, it’s a discovery of a deeper dedication to magnificent sounds intended to transmit to you, the listener, serious feelings about what drives the best electronic sounds today.




Modern Synthwave

Band Members:

written, produced, performed & mixed by Klayton


Label: FIXT Music

Score: 9/10

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