Suduaya – Venus – Album Review


  1. Astronaut Ape – Universalis (Suduaya remix)
  2. Nomad
  3. Venus
  4. Fractals
  5. Catalan Wind
  6. Diamond Dust (with Cydelix)
  7. Lampyris
  8. The Muse
  9. Knots of Eternity
  10. Baku



Music is always very subjective, but with this collection, Suduaya achieves new domains of what dynamic psychill can be.

The genuine and astounding cooperative energy with Astronaut Ape and Cydelix increases the value and endeavors of the craftsmanship to give this blessing to the humankind. They make us feel otherworldly and flying through space and time.

The songs of this collection ensure an exceptionally appreciative and extended great time, in particular those gifted with the enjoyment of this music.

Musical assurance, extraordinary writing intelligence, and significant sounding altruism emanates from the musical substance, envisioned to hear the harmony of worlds.

The assortment of rhythms and beats makes this collection a champion among the somewhat multi-dimensional genre that is Trance.

Venus is entranced by exceptionally musical hallucinogenic impacts.




Melodic Psytrance & Downtempo
Band Members: Louis-David Roquefere


Label: Altar Records

Score: 9/10

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