Super Troopers 2 Movie Review

Super Troopers 2 Movie Review

Time for an unexpected movie review. In this article, I am going to give you my review of Super Troopers 2.

I just got back from the theaters on an easy-going Sunday afternoon and I got to say I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, maybe just some pastime but, I loved this film. At one time I was laughing so hard I had to almost stop looking at it.

I’m not saying everyone will have a great time or that I was laughing the whole movie, not every single joke hit, but quite a few of them hit it hard and I bet there is one for many people different styles of jokes.

Understandably, there were some jokes in there that are so off the wall, I’ve never heard jokes like this before, like the flag joke that just keeps making me laugh.

Broken Lizard where the writing team behind this, with really good camaraderie among themselves and it really shines throughout in Super Troopers. Too much so I think I like this one better than the first.

Honestly, I come from this one and I barely remember the first, just that I thought it was funny and good parts here and there, but it wasn’t something that made me laugh out loud that many times.

This was extremely entertaining, in this point of view it is better than first.

The plot is super weak, just an excuse for them to get back into those shenanigans.

I’m really happy that they got funded, it was crowd-funded at Indiegogo.

They had to go to some interesting lengths because they made some real stinkers. To those that like the first one more than this one, this still is a great continuation to it, I just don’t remember the first so well, it’s been 17 years so, that makes the jokes about it happening three years ago so much funnier.

Super Troopers 2 Movie Review

Because they look so much older, they did some of the guys look even much older (non-sense, right? lol) so it aged a little well but still, the farmer looks exactly the same to me. he’s the highlight of the film, just this annoying guy that you know at work that annoys you all the time but he’s lovable and you just want to laugh along.

The storyline has to do with Canada so if you get offended easily at Canadian jokes this is going to be a fail for you, but if you’re Canadian you’re not going to care because I been to Canada many times and most of them don’t give a crap about what you think and joke about, they are pretty laid back about the whole Canada jokes.

In fact, they actually flipped the whole thing out and in truth, they are making fun of the Americans in the way they say it, and the way the Americans are fat and overweight, and just has a crazy country right now.

It was interesting seeing these Mounties, which are sort of like the mirror version of our Vermont State. There is a lot of people who don’t realize how boring police work is sometimes, especially if you’re a patrol officer, there’s a lot of sitting and waiting, obviously, there’s excitement when bad things go down but there’s really a lot of waiting.

Some of the stuff that happens on the film is completely illegal and get anybody serious jail time, even in the United States where we are pretty easy on our police if they’re do something wrong, but I thought it was so funny and it surprised me.

Super Troopers 2 had this huge potential to ruin any other film expectations that this team has done before and in the future, but I’ll tell you, this doesn’t ruin it at all. Super Troopers 1 was an excellent flick but this movie is still even better and the both of these movies are miles ahead of every other non-sense wanna-be comedy coming out right now.

Some jokes in here will hurt the false sensibilities of today’s Facebook and Twitter attention whores and social justice warriors, it’s a marketing that could get you offended, but this is a throwback to the previous filming’s of 17 to 20 years ago, where they don’t give a crap, and just try to be funny.

It’s simple comedy, it’s not really trying to make any political statements, just trying to have a great time. Like these scenes that are outrageous and end up in a Canadian brothel…

In the end, it just depends on the person, if you want to see a toilet humor/teenage boy comedy, this is great, a lot of people in the theater was laughing, men, women, no matter what age group.

There’s not really much to do with the whole cop thing but it was still amazing, had so much fun going into this and laughing a lot. At the end there are bloopers during the credits, I miss this kind of stuff, I haven’t seen this since Jackie Chan films where they show you all the accidents and things like bloopers.

I hope that this relaunches their careers and their comedy troupe because Broken Lizard just has awful colossal box-office disasters, one right after the other, up until they were direct to DVD or video.

Super Troopers 2 Movie Review

I’m pretty sure critics are probably going to hate it. but critics hated the first one and people loved it so I think the same situation is going to happen here, it is so good it’s past the level of the first one in my opinion.

I think it exceeds in just in the number non-stop jokes and fantasy elements, like drugs and dream sequences.

Super Troopers it’s a must, go out and see it, have some fun and you won’t regret it.

Score 9/10

yes, that score is also purposely made to piss off current high and mighty, non-sense, social justice warriors critics feelings.