• Meltdown & Spectre - Hardware Red Alert

    Meltdown & Spectre – Hardware Red Alert

    The vulnerabilities discovered by Google’s Project Zero (GPZ) on a set of flaws in CPU architectures that create two kinds of exposures were recently announced and took the hardware world by storm. While under embargo until next week, it is now known that the failings had been already reported by researchers to CPU manufacturers Intel, AMD and ARM since June 2017. We start the 2018 year of with what is probably one of the biggest findings in security vulnerabilities affecting past hardware, specifically, most Intel chip processors from around 1995 forward. That was the year where optimizations were put in place in the processors themselves to improve performance. Meltdown and…

  • Intel and AMD Together on Graphics

    Intel and AMD Together on Graphics

    Latest news on Intel and AMD, they going to work together! Recently announced by Intel, their future processors will include the AMD Radeon graphics, spreading the Radeon Inside alongside Intel logo. Intel’s graphics have been very problematic, the infamous 4000 series embedded in many motherboards was, technically speaking, a failure from what the company was expecting to give the final user. It seemed unlikely to get anything like this after latest the processor rivalry, but the 8th Intel processor generation will feature the AMD integrated graphics. This infinity fabric of AMD and its HBM2 weighted in the decision of Intel, easier to implement with intel multi-die interconnect bridge. Intel EMIB…

  • Intel Coffee Lake – The Fear of Competition

    Intel Coffee Lake – The Fear of Competition

    Intel has just released the Coffee lake CPUs line up after the AMD Ryzen CPUs took over the market with more cores and same performance … for less money. Applications taking advantage of more cores and threads were also taking into account for this next release. The i5 has now 2 more cores and the i7 was upgraded from 4 cores 8 threads from previous generations to 6 cores and 12 threads. Single CPU core dependable software has always performed well under the Intel processors, usually ahead of the AMD counterparts, but adding more cores will help to keep up in the multi threaded tasks of nowadays applications and operating…

  • Intel Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X

    Intel Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X

    With all the new X299 chipset and LGA2066, Intel enters the Basin Falls stage. Alternatives for Ryzen’s X370 chipset, this update for the most part applies to the addition of more cores with grid transport, replacing the old ring one, newly adjusted power profiles, in this case Turbo Boost Max 3.0 —the new power profile intended to keep the CPU in its best execution states. First online benchmarks show certain workloads at 4.0GHz reaching good percentiles above the 7700K, and a somewhat expected result above the 6950X and 7600K. unfortunately, most claim firmware issues between the processor and actual motherboard chipsets. About CPU-driven workloads, Intel has enhanced the AVX in…