• Decorative Plaster And Finger Paint
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    Decorative Plaster And Finger Paint

    SQUEEZE BOTTLE PAINT 2 c. white glue 1/2 c. dry plaster of Paris 1 c. powdered tempera Mix together and add enough water to make the consistency of toothpaste. Put into a squeeze bottle. Use black squeeze paint to make outlines for “stained glass” effect. When dry, use watercolors or markers to fill in when dry. Use white to make “spider web” pictures. Dry flat overnight. SALT DRIP PAINT 1/2 c. salt 2 tbsp. flour Dry tempera (any colors) Water Mix salt, flour, and dry tempera. Stir in enough water to make a mixture with enough consistency to drip off of a spoon. Use a funnel to fill squeeze bottles.…