• Lazerhawk – Dreamrider - Album Review

    Lazerhawk – Dreamrider – Album Review

    Tracklist: Neon Dawn 05:22 Cruise 04:23 Feel the Rush Tonight 05:31 Somnus 04:16 Dreamrider 04:58 Hypnic 04:07 Cool Breeze 04:37 Mirror Between Worlds 04:33 REM 05:35 Dream Within a Dream 04:04 Oneiric 04:16 Awakening 05:02 Dreams in the Dusk 04:59 Review: Dreamwave is not the easiest thing to review, let alone diving deep into the style and albums… most unicorns and knights in shiny armor saviors singing happy music is a no go for most Synthwave fans. Lazerhawk always tried to keep their image and attitude, reflecting it in their musical style. I confess they do an excellent job, keeping it raw and mature as possible to true Dreamwave. Of…