• Deadpool 2 - Movie Review

    Deadpool 2 – Movie Review

    I do not consider Deadpool the most successful film in the world. About 2 years ago I had an attempt to write a review that i thought it would brought into the table very different opinions. My opinion on “Deadpool” has therefore not changed. Deadpool was a wonderful figure for me, but caught up in a boring origins story. Now comes the week of the long-awaited “Deadpool 2” in the cinema. Many are curious if the successor wins against the predecessor. With David Leitch, who is actually stuntman, a brand new director was found. That’s an interesting, great choice. He has worked on films like “Atomic Blonde” and “John Wick”.…

  • Thor Ragnarok - Movie Review

    Thor Ragnarok – Movie Review

    Plot: Imprisoned, the almighty Thor finds himself in a lethal gladiatorial contest against the Hulk, his former ally. Thor must fight for survival and race against time to prevent the all-powerful Hela from destroying his home and the Asgardian civilization. Review: Thor is back and I can say better than ever. A great action movie sparkling comedy all over its scenes while grabbing the viewer expectations and pleasing everyone in the process. For moments, many actually, seems a different movie than the previous two. Unattached from the more serious tone and drama of the earlier sets. Most characters are very good, they try to be cool and most really achieve…

  • Spider-Man: Homecoming - Movie Review
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    Spider-Man: Homecoming – Movie Review

    Story: After his experience with the Avengers, Peter returns home, where he lives with his Aunt May. With the help of his mentor Tony Stark, Peter tries to fall back into his normal daily routine, balancing his life as an ordinary high school student in New York City while fighting crime as his alter ego Spider-Man. When a new threat emerges, everything that Peter holds most important is threatened, requiring him to take action. Review: Spider-Man as of not long ago was a closed world, now, with the infusion of MCU characters into his viewpoint, Peter has his own new tech and stylistic layout, cordiality of his Avenger tutor Tony…

  • Reality Part 1 - The Color Of Light
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    Reality Part 1 – The Color Of Light

    The world around us is all our senses can perceive, making sense of electromagnetic waves hitting us on the eyes, the brain decodes colors, air pressure on our ears gives us sound. There is a limit to our senses, the limit that evolution never cared to focus enough and expand, keeping the human being simple enough so a brain can decode everything around us without wasting too much energy on non-essential data. It kept our senses focused on a tiny length of the electromagnetic spectrum. There is an external reality, beyond our senses, but because we are made of that reality, we will never reach it or perceive it accurately.…

  • Logan – Movie Review
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    Logan – Movie Review

    Story: An old remnant of the old mutant population belonging to the X-Men is forced to use their last forces and fight a relentless corporation to help and protect the few mutant children survivors getting across the border to Canada. Review: The movie is all about struggling to survive. The acting is great and the fighting scenes well paced and choreographed, with plenty of blood and violence all round. The strength of the whole film is the balance between the story telling and the action itself, always postponing the inevitable about our long aging mutant heroes. Directed by James Mangold Screenplay by Scott Frank, James Mangold, Michael Green Music composed…

  • Avengers Infinity War - Pre-Production Afterthoughts

    Avengers Infinity War – Pre-Production Afterthoughts

    Marvel Cinematic Universe fans must be very happy with the newcomers in the trailers section of upcoming movies in the Marvel universe. First Thor: Ragnarok and now the Avengers Infinity War, arriving to give us a taste of what is coming into the production of the movie. You can watch the stars from Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy together in pre-production, along with several commentaries from the producers, with cameras and stage designs at work. Scheduled for May 2018, this behind the scenes trailer shows Producer Kevin Feige driving the Marvel Cinematic Universe into plenty of action, with all the characters combined into one movie. The previous Avengers and…

  • Thor: Ragnarok - Trailer Afterthoughts

    Thor: Ragnarok – Trailer Afterthoughts

    The third installment of the Thor franchise, Thor: Ragnarok, as just made its appearance throughout the internet, for the rejoice of Marvel fans. Ragnarok, or, the twilight of the gods in its norse meaning, shows a much more action oriented movie, with plenty characters and places besides the earth and human locations of the first two movies in the series. Asgard, of course, gives us a glimpse of its current state in this timeline, and the world-defying enemies have a presence strong enough to chill your spine upon their power show off against the fast-paced action trailer. We get Loki, Hela, who does some awful damage to Mjolnir, (no spoiling,…