• The Inspired Future Of Our World

    The Inspired Future Of Our World

    I arrived in my car at the entrance of the parking lot, the ugly parking lot. It’s not even painted anymore, just some cement and painted traces along the road and walls, so the empty-headed people don’t get lost in such a small space. Guess after the inauguration, no big CEO or some other politically powered figure comes visit again, or even them don’t give a second thought about these. I start walking out of the car, in the direction of the shopping center, my body shivers just looking around, my mind thinks “I hate these places”. The smell is awful, a mix of gasoline with toxic carbon gases and…

  • More Time and Less Stress
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    More Time and Less Stress

    Have work to do? No time to waste but fear to get started? Just to find out you are postponing everything? Make a promise to yourself… get your hands on it! Hesitation will steal your focus, and that is a hard habit to break. It dissolves the outcomes until you lost your way around things. Start doing the less demanding tasks first, achieve an arrangement of self-evaluation to perceive all the things and ways that make you delay the more important things. The progress ability is required along your endeavors to avoid stalling. Don’t think of compensation or reward in any form just because you decided to get your errands…

  • For Those Who Yearn For More

    For Those Who Yearn For More

    Some, if not all, “good friends” and self-help gurus want you to ask yourself the questions about the arrangement to self-change. “What Makes You keep on going?” and similar questions like these you already asked yourself, not much help from the outside if they only guide you the way you already tried. The starting point should be if it is necessary for you to change and why you think it is. As we try to do different things in life, a number of fails will grow exponentially over time, making us think we are a failure, but… are you a failure for real? Rethink yourself and analyze your best deeds…