• Kill Switch - Movie Review
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    Kill Switch – Movie Review

    Story: In the future, as the world appears to be bound for an energy calamity, comes Alterplex Corporation with a guarantee for another modernization plan that will help every citizen. A tower prepared for delivering limitless but unfair energy to an Earth weakened from its non-renewable energy source supply sucked out for human kind sustain. Will Porter awakens on what he assumes is a substitute Earth. A parallel universe has been made as an alternative wellspring of resources for our drained world, however, something wrong has happened and Will must evaluate the disordered circumstance. Delivered to this alternative Earth with a strange black box, everyone appears to make it a…

  • xXx Return of Xander Cage – Movie Review
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    xXx Return of Xander Cage – Movie Review

    Story: Secret government agent Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) leaves his deliberate reclusion, thought to be long dead after have been killed on a mission by his adversaries. Selecting an all-new gathering of associates, his agency is determined to crash course with fatal warrior Xiang (Donnie Yen) and his group in a race to recuperate a vile and relentless weapon known as Pandora’s Box, capable of controlling military satellites around the planet. Review: Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) leaves his deliberate outcast, selecting a group to work with him brimming with thrill seekers. A warrior named Xiang who is committed to operating a weapon called Pandora’s Box ends his mystery retirement when…