• Intel and AMD Together on Graphics

    Intel and AMD Together on Graphics

    Latest news on Intel and AMD, they going to work together! Recently announced by Intel, their future processors will include the AMD Radeon graphics, spreading the Radeon Inside alongside Intel logo. Intel’s graphics have been very problematic, the infamous 4000 series embedded in many motherboards was, technically speaking, a failure from what the company was expecting to give the final user. It seemed unlikely to get anything like this after latest the processor rivalry, but the 8th Intel processor generation will feature the AMD integrated graphics. This infinity fabric of AMD and its HBM2 weighted in the decision of Intel, easier to implement with intel multi-die interconnect bridge. Intel EMIB…

  • AMD Radeon RX Vega - Beyond Gaming

    AMD Radeon RX Vega – Beyond Gaming

    AMD new architecture, Vega, was supposed to be the equivalent to the Pascal architecture of Nvidia. It comes a year later and with a considerably inflated price due to choices of assembly components. Vega was announced by AMD to put up with the 1050-1080 graphics cards of the rival Nvidia, but also featuring a new architecture in design. HBM 2, faster and low consumption memory, along with a new reference design GPU. All in paper sounded perfect, 14 nm, 12.5 billion transistors, infinity fabric with up to 16 GB 2048-bit HBM 2, 4096 stream processors, 64 render back ends, 256 texture units, 4 next gen asynchronous compute engines and geometry…

  • AMD Threadripper - Not Only About Performance

    AMD Threadripper – Not Only About Performance

    With Intel and AMD pursuing a top spot for sales this summer we hope the final consumer will get the most benefits out of this “war”, in spite of the fact that we now know the amount of money that X299 and X399 motherboards will cost. This seems to be an engineering adventure for more cores and not more GHz, more cores will imply better and faster software execution. While AMD says that the Ryzen Threadripper 1920X and 1950X will be estimated at $799 and $999, Intel seems to keep its prices high on a market where AMD lately has been showing good signs of better consumer sales. Despite current…