That Old Familar Sting (5)

That Old Familiar Sting

The deafening silence assaults me

Ceaseless and unending

All I hear when awake

So I curl up, waiting for the sleep to overtake me

That is when the whispers start

So soft and delicate

Reminding me of days lost

When innocence reigned

That Old Familar Sting (2)

So, I give in to the whispers

Every time I give in

They know I will, so they return

The tears begin to roll

A thousand tiny daggers dragging along my face

Washing me of hope

Clouding my vision

So that all I sense are the whispers

They softly call out

Angelic whispers of the demon within

That Old Familar Sting (4)

Curling up, I close my eyes

Praying for the sleep to come

To save me from the stinging pain

The darkness descends

To wipe away my tears

To shield me from myself

The scars glow along my arms

Seen by all

Hidden from none

That Old Familar Sting (3)

Enveloped by the abyss

It wraps about me

But finds only a cold shell

And a needle

The whispers fade

Replaced by a laugh

But I no longer care

Eyes closed, breath relax

As I finally sleep…