The Inspired Future Of Our World

The Inspired Future Of Our World

I arrived in my car at the entrance of the parking lot, the ugly parking lot.

It’s not even painted anymore, just some cement and painted traces along the road and walls, so the empty-headed people don’t get lost in such a small space.

Guess after the inauguration, no big CEO or some other politically powered figure comes visit again, or even them don’t give a second thought about these.

I start walking out of the car, in the direction of the shopping center, my body shivers just looking around, my mind thinks “I hate these places”.

The smell is awful, a mix of gasoline with toxic carbon gases and urine that some rushed people left in despair of the “always hurry” attitude we see in malls. Going nowhere fast if you ask me.

The building on the outside is ugly, they try to be so modern that they don’t realize the best designers and architects for sure aren’t working in this style of buildings, or they just got it all wrong every time.

I start to take advantage of my disconnection to the world around me and begin to use it to my own perception of a different knowledge. Among the people around I stop and analyze.

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The always-in-a-rush, that go nowhere – it’s just their way of thinking they are doing something useful with their time, most are not, they are busy all day visiting shopping centers and in the end, the consumerism has filled their inner void… momentarily. Tomorrow they have the same need to rush all over the place again, either this or a similar one. They need other people to look at them and see how busy their life is… Yeah… sure.

The today´s youth that will never get this type of mindfulness – their unhappy real life is disguised by their social internet life. They don’t have to overcome self-acceptance because they don’t even look at it. They lack intuition and inspiration. Granted most good raw models are going off this world one by one, and what we are leaving behind are these brainless things walking around with their heads buried in their smartphones.

And finally, the overly-confident elder that visits malls as if they won the lottery. But no money in the bank. Spends his time comparing people and don’t wait a minute until he gets off into a bad-mouth-joke if a friend is nearby, empowering the false sense of an ego trip.

Gosh, how I just wished these people get off their roles and be naturally real for once. But seems these places won’t allow it, they make you feel the king on the hill, you are the best, they are here for you, they have all you wish, as long you pay and stay there for the numbers too.

I don’t suffer from agoraphobia, but all this nonsense makes me look into my objective and follow a straight line to it. I don’t have time or patience anymore for this false happiness, copy-paste attitude, and boring people acting almighty.

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Our society is giving everyone the tools to make easier the search of happiness, but we use it to build an image to others while inside the emptiness grows more and more. Some days you will notice how something is missing, how you are so disconnected of your 1000 Facebook friends, how you lost what makes you happy.
You don’t really like movies anymore, music is not telling you much and going out with people seems a boring chore, unless is someone new, to chew and spit out when the next one comes.

Just like any current soap opera where no-one is laughing, because it’s easier to make an angry character, that seems always worried, than to enact a happy character that loves people and makes them laugh and feel good.

The entertainment industry is dying slowly without noticing it.

Every movie nowadays has the best screen effects, filters, and sound. But current critics feel obsessive with putting down good entertainment and bet on the boring, easily forgettable films. You can leave the movie room and come back later without missing a thing. All for the politically correct companies where they work, tap them on their backs and think they have a good, brainless, fellow working there.

Music is almost dead. Most albums today sound like “elevator music”, you hear them 2-3 times and that’s it, next one, please. Good artists have put aside the money machine since their talent is no long acknowledged. There is no culture on lyrics, no raw models, no diversity. Celebrities are not original anymore. Once they had an omnipotent power over us, that we could use to express our feelings and let it out in the normal youth energy. Now all music sounds like a shut down on feelings and momentary lapses of reason.

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Seems successful people are now in little spots on many different sides of the entertainment culture.

“Small”, out-of-mainstream movements like Heavy Metal, Trance, B-Movies, Psychedelic rock, etc. keep their exercises regular, although also updated to current times, it’s infinitely more gratifying to those who love these styles than acting vulgar and ostentatious in the narcissistic mainstream… for the money.

I leave the shopping center without looking back, thinking how people dress their misery with a sterile smile, instead of waking up from a false dream.

It’s depressive.

I won’t lose my originality, my thoughts, myself. I don’t want a friend that a computer thinks I might like. The mass doesn’t work for me, I’m not a brick to that wall.

I need a hug, inspired and real hug. Maybe we all need.

And maybe one day this will inspire you too, and hopefully, more people that feel something is wrong with the world today… The worthless world no one would ever need.

Be obsessed, be happy. be passionate, be the best human being you can be. Make the most of your time, smile to the children that try to understand our world, invite your old friend for a coffee or a beer.

If we don’t have to be a part of society to be concerned about the future, then do it, be the solution. Don’t be afraid to step up, or step out.

Fear never achieved anything.

Be different, be yourself, awake. Who dares, wins.