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The Mummy – Movie Review


Navy Seal Nick Morton and his group discover a centuries old tomb to some magical dominance out of their control.

Enthralled by the forces inside the tomb, Morton is beseeched by its powers to make the profound distance deep inside the tomb alive, to locate and open a sarcophagus, and release what is inside.

A dark story unfolds as Morton´s life and mind are reviled with the overpower of Ahmanet… The Mummy.



This could have been an even more awesome movie, but the high expectations on the cast kill an already great plot for “The Mummy”.

The casting suffers from some mistakes. The attractive blonde researcher is a standard, no problem, but a Russell Crowe emphasizing the negative becomes kind of senseless.

Also, some characters seem to do “too much” to appear genuine, that misused ability becomes seriously imbecilic sometimes.

Negative things apart, I genuinely enjoyed the movie.


The story design is well composed, and the action is several times reawakened to keep the usual activity of the blockbuster layout alive.

Honestly, I don’t think The Mummy required a reboot, I liked the past Frasier movies and Tom Cruise tries hard to scratch the surface of those. But I discovered beyond any doubt that this team tried to make an excellent Egyptian princess comeback.

That makes pointless the comparison to prior movies and corrupts the straightforward plot maneuvers of the script, composed and brought about to do better among updated visuals.

Universal studio´s plans to reboot its most famous monsters needs a look outside the box, otherwise just vanishes into the cinema landscape keeping only a small entourage of zombie followers available to them.

The Mummy is not 100% fulfilling due to Tom Cruise coming a little out of place, there are simply too many characters already associated with his image, and he is clearly not in his best for this role. Too much Cruise control along the 100 minutes.

The Mummy - Movie ReviewThe Mummy - Movie ReviewThe Mummy - Movie Review

However, it is an attractive picture, punctuated by episodes of short of breath amidst the tattooed mummy pursuing and battling. A fascinating film was not in my thoughts. Maybe because I haven’t read any critic to the movie, I wasn’t expecting an exercise in futility anyways.

The Mummy is the energized entry for Dark Universe, it starts from “burrowing underground” and that can be a sign of a frightening future. Add some more creative ability and this approach would change it completely.

Strangely, or not, I liked more movies brought down by critics (World of Warcraft?). I end up seeing nothing so wrong that the negative feeling has to be spread over the internet like wild fire, especially when you get to see for yourself (if you still got your own will and think for yourself) and don’t find such bad propositions mentioned in some critics.

Following each other instead of thinking for themselves? Its up to you to find out with a clear heart.

While there is no comparison point to how much preferred this film is over any other one, the Dark Universe will need to clarify what truly matters, an actor´s name, or that witch strikes the audience like me with just a sparkling touch of unknown embellishment.

Directed by Alex Kurtzman

Music composed by Brian Tyler

Screenplay: David Koepp, Christopher McQuarrie, Dylan Kussman

Story by Jon Spaihts, Alex Kurtzman, Jenny Lumet

Cast: Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis, Russell Crowe, Jake Johnson

Production: Universal Pictures, Perfect World Pictures, Sean Daniel Company, Conspiracy Factory, Secret Hideout Productions

Score: 7/10

The Mummy - Movie ReviewThe Mummy - Movie ReviewThe Mummy - Movie Review

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